Elite Drivo + PowerMatch + Quarq = FTW?!?!

I’ve run TR for several years, and been through a lot of equipment. This morning I rode my Elite Drivo, paired with a Quarq DZero and ‘PowerMatch’ in the “Auto” setting. I did the Ericsson workout. Everything is ANT+ connected to TR on a Mac. Ericcson is just a simple SSB thing, really with some ILT and cadence drills.

Ericsson is supposed to be Sweet Spot work, which I expect will cross a bit into Threshold too. But when you look at my data from the ride this morning, I was nearly 16% in Threshold, and 6% into VO2 territory. The Drivo has never produced those artificially smooth graphs like a KICKR, and certainly my legs (via the Quarq) are nowhere a smooth as a KICKR graph… but WTF… should it be this lumpy?

When I run the same configuration (Powermatch + Quarq) on my Elite Real e-motion B+ (ERG) rollers, the graph is way smoother.

My fellow Drivo riders, what are your experiences?

Can I just say, enough of the “excuse my anaemic FTP” and other similar remarks etc. There are a lot of people on here that do not have FTPs anywhere near yours and are still working their asses off and don’t want to hear how “anaemic” their FTP may be.

Cheers. :wink:

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OK. I have removed that leading paragraph.


Sorry to have used your thread to bring it up but it can be disheartening/demoralising for some people :slightly_smiling_face:

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I looked at the ericsson i did with powermatch between my stages and at that time a Kickr 18 ( i now have a tacx neo) and i have 15% at threshold and 4% at VO2 max so i guess this is pretty normal .

My experience with the drivo. Is Powermatch + ERG more erratic than power from the trainer

I run it in granny gear without power match. The wired cadence sensor speeds up the drivo response as well.