Calculating HR Zones from Ramp Test

I’m wondering how to calculate the lactate threshold hr from the ramp test.
Should I take the max HR and then take the % of it to find the LTHR. Alternatively, take the last 10-15 minutes average of the test to find the number?
This was easier on 20 min ftp test as it fits in the calculation guideline.
Thank you in advance

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No idea unfortunately, but think this deserves a bump.

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Hey there!

At TrainerRoad we are focused solely on Power, so we haven’t designed the Ramp Test to accommodate HR unfortunately. That being said, I would recommend checking out these threads to see what the community has to say on this subject:


My understanding is that HR @ FTP is within spitting distance of LTHR. It would definitely be a better estimate than using a percentage of max HR or trying to fumble some math through the ramp test. I’ve heard this equivalence a lot from the Coggan, Friel, etc, and while other people may be right on some details, I think for most people, it’s pretty accurate: