Calculating Average Power excluding stops with outdoor rides

Hi, Using outdoor rides i would like to calculate my average power only when i am moving. I know I can ignore zeros but that would also ignore coasting. I am thinking of something like when you stop pedalling with TR and it pauses and then starts up again when you start pedalling. I am using a Wahoo Bolt(original) and eventually taking the data to Golden Cheetah. I hate that my average power is being calulated while I stare at my computer while waiting for a train or for me to figure wher the heck i am.
Thanks for any insight!

Have you tried the auto pause feature? That should pause your ride when you stop and restart it when you move again.

I searched for auto pause before this post since I’ve never used that feature on any head unit but fellow riders do. However, if you’re not savvy to it, it’s worth searching for that yourself to see the results for your head unit since they’re not great. However, maybe it’s working fine now; most complaints are older.

I thought average power already had an accurate power for moving time, though. I don’t think it’s adding a 0W every second you’re stopped.

Have a gander at this: Why does average power calculate differently between services?

If you edit out coasting, that’s a cheat code we’d all like to have, please share if you find it.

Geesh, completely forgot about autopause. I do have that working. I don’t know how that affects average power though. I was under the impression that average power took time into consideration, including time just standing still. I admit that I pretty much use Golden Cheetah for reviewing my outdoor rides. I need to check TR to see if it matches with GC.
Thanks for replying.

Even if you don’t enable autopause in your headunit, strava will do it for you automatically

So you prefer being lied to? Pretend that you are putting out steady power? Turn on auto pause.

That’s ok, I guess, but makes it difficult to compare your own efforts. And then why bother doing any analysis if the data isn’t real? No need for GoldenCheetah or any analysis tool - that’s the conclusion I came to years ago and then turned off auto pause everywhere.

Sorry, don’t get it. It seems to me to be a better comparison if I eliminate standing still. I want to compare my effort. Should we stretch it so we add in power while driving to the start, or include lunch, or changing a flat? I mean that is “real” power data I guess.

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You are the coach, it’s your call.

I think most apps will show you average power for moving time and not include stopped time.

So, you won’t get dinged for time spent at red lights and for flats but your average power will decrease during coasting, as it should.

I used to go so far as to drag my brakes and keep endurance power when slowing, stopping, or cornering to create a flatline power file if that was the goal of the day, SMH.