Cadence drops into 50’s over 110rpm

I’m having cadence issues when I get over 110 rpm. Everything’s fine but over 110rpm it falters and goes down to the 50’s. Upon looking at the ride analysis it does show cadence over 110.
Is this just a quirk?
Equipment: kicker, di2, erg mode. iPhone

This is most often because we tend to get “smooth” in our pedal stroke at faster cadence. The problem comes from the way that Wahoo and others “detect” cadence. They are looking at the power data from the trainer, and use the high-low ebbs & flows of our fluctuating power to estimate a cadence.

Because of this, people or conditions that give very smooth and even power distribution throughout the pedal circle will see this issue with trainers using this estimation method.

If you want more accurate cadence data, you are best to use a dedicated cadence sensor on your crank arm or shoe.

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I will try to use the magnet sensor on the chain catcher thats used by the Di2 system.

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