BWR Michigan entry transfer

Sorry for the OT post… I have an entry to the Belgian Waffle Ride’s Michigan event on October 9, 2022. I cannot go for personal reasons (birth of child). If you would like my entry, please PM me and we can arrange a transfer.

You should clarify if it’s for the full waffle (124 mile) or wafer (71 mile)

If it’s the 71, I’m interested.

Apologies — this is for the full waffle.

I was supposed to do the Asheville event but had to defer due to a large crash and injuries a few weeks prior. Then life got in the way of the Michigan event…

You should be able to change to the shorter one too

Oh man this one is in the town I grew up in. Will let you know asap. Super cool!

Still available for those who are interested.

Sounds pretty selfish of your wife to have a baby when you have a race coming up…


I’ll let you know how that argument goes :wink:

I’d definitely get shore leave for this race if it wasn’t 15 hours away. Plenty of other local events…

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Haha, I got you. Congratulations on the coming gift, and good luck selling your entry!

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I messaged you

Congrats on the kid thou

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