Build Chain Gang ride into plan

Hi Folks,

Looking for advice/experience on how best to add a chain gang ride into your plan? I’m currently following a low volume training plan to peak for the up coming CX season here in the UK…fingers crossed!

Anyway, was out on Thursday and skipped my workout. Looking at it, it was mostly Z1/Z2, so effectively de-training, but awesome to be in a small group again!

Should I just move my days to facilitate it? How do people cope when some of these rides are a smash fest and still try and complete plan.


Think about polarized terms and stress - so if you chaingang is a hard ride simply replace hard workout with your group ride. If you want you can try to incorporate specific efforts into the ride - so you can try doing longer pulls etc. If it’s not hard just simply add it as another day in your calendar if you can. And Z2 is not detraining - it’s very valuable part of the training, it is aerobic sport.