Can I change my position in a workout on the Android app?

My app just crashed mid workout. I was optimistic that there would be a resume function when I relaunched it, abs sure enough there was but it put me in at 58 minutes when I was only at 28 when it crashed.

There was a “rewind” symbol on the screen at the time, I’m guessing I could have drafted that to the left, but I missed my chance and now the workout is rolling again.

Anything I can do? At the moment my plan is to do a rider’s choice workout when I’m done to try to recreate what I missed

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Usually it’s: Pause workout, tap at desired position in graph, resume workout.

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Can I go back to a bit on the middle that I missed then, or am I out of luck and you can only go forwards?

Yes, you can go forward or backward. Follow the instructions in the link I provided.

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And now I’ve lost the 20 minutes I’ve done later in the workout, I thought it would only overwrite the bit I rode, not from that point forwards :frowning:

Luckily I have Zwift running on another device so at least I will have an accurate record of my activity, if not of this specific workout in TR

You are “time traveling” with the scrub option. I don’t know how it would keep the old data and allow you to go back to effectively overwrite and repeat prior steps?

I am pretty sure you also receive a notification (warning) about data loss if you move backwards in the timeline / workout, that says you will lose data.

Agreed. I was hoping it would let me “overwrite” the 30 minutes I’d missed in the middle, and then I could end the workout before it overwrote the 20 minutes I’d done near the end while trying to figure this out :slight_smile:

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