Buddy broke his collarbone today.. How to help his recovery

I was riding with a friend today when he mis-timed a hop of a log and ended up going over the handlebars. It resulted in a broken collarbone. He’s going to see an ortho tomorrow and get the official prognosis. Does anyone have any ideas how a friend can help him manage the mental side of this? I don’t want to bring food as now of course he probably is worried about putting on the pounds. Beer might be the exception. Any other ideas? He has a subscription to a competitor online training program. Maybe a TR month to mix it up and bit? (and maybe convert him?). Thanks.

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Uncap his bottles of beer. Hope he recovers quickly.


A few decent films or books would be best for me, something to while the recovery away.

This may sound crazy to those going through this for the first time or aren’t accustomed to broken bones and surgeries. But let him/her know that a broken collarbone in most cases is a quick and fast recovery. Back on the trainer in 3 weeks, probably back outside in 6-8 weeks. That said, some things suck for awhile like if you have a manual drive car and depend on it. But this is way better then tendon/ligament injuries!

Bring him food! It takes extra calories to heal a bone. A surprising amount. Recovering from a broken bone is no time to cut back on calories and nutrients.

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You can stop by in the morning and help him put his socks on :slight_smile:

Seriously, it seems like it is going to be endless but most people are back riding outside in 8 weeks (or less) and if motivated most people can be back on the trainer in a week (or even less). TR would be a great gift if he does not have it.

Two things you can do is get his bike set up on a trainer for him. That is pretty hard to do with one arm. And, everyone is really good with the sympathy for the first few days but things tend to drop off after that so check in with him regularly over the whole recovery. If you only see your cycling buddies when you ride, if you are not riding, you start to miss them.

If you race against him make sure to do extra trainer sessions and bring him lots of beer and extra food. :wink:

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My coach gave me this link when I broke myself and I’ve shared it with too many friends since. Some good knowledge: How to Speed Bone Fracture Healing (6 Proven Steps) — Better Bones

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