Broken Fibula - 2020 is awesome!

So decided to get off the trainer and enjoy the outstanding weather. It was a beautiful day out!

The city decided to finally cut the knee high grass and had a ton of clippings on the local bike path. Which I eased through but it was as slick as glass. Frontend slid out and down I went.

I thought it may have been a had sprain but got it x-rayed anyways. Go figure, my Fibula it’s broken right above the anckle bone. My Orthopedic was in surgery all day but did look at the x-rays and said it would not require surgery but stay off of it until Monday morning when I go in.

Just getting a general idea of what he is going to tell me as in healing time and time off the trainer. Yes, I will do exactly as he says but would lime to hear others stories.

Sorry to hear about the crash and break :frowning:

I had quite the adventure with my wrist this year.

I also crashed and fractured it. I was x-rayed the morning following the crash and was told it looked good and it would not need surgery. Yay!
I was put into a cast and told to return in 2 weeks when they would take it off and put me into a brace. After the two weeks i returned, they x-rayed and found the bone moved! I was put back in a cast for a week until my surgery date. after surgery i was in a cast for and additional 2 weeks (5 weeks total now) and to not ride out doors for 4 weeks.

In Canada not being able to ride out doors from early August to early October was terrible news!! i wish you all the best, but definitely give it time to heal. I don’t know if the bone move was my fault but i certainly try to find reasons to blame myself.

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I had exactly that injury many years ago. Was out of action for 7 weeks. Had really limited range of motion in that ankle for a long time.

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I’m 5 weeks out from the surgery to fix my broken fibula. The orthopedist told me it was ok to start back on the stationary bike until I explained to her what that meant for me. She immediately rescinded her permission.


Went to my Sports Orthopedic this morning and he said I have a Spiral Fractured Fibula at the ankle. It is not broken in the joint and is aligned well currently. He gave me the option of a cast or a boot and I opted for a boot (which I already had.) He also said No Weight on it for the next two weeks and then we re x-ray.

If the healing looks good and the swelling is reduced substantially, he would allow me to start back with low wattage spinning on the Wahoo.