Trimalleolar Ankle Fracture - Looking for people's experiences

I broke my ankle in 3 spots (known as a trimalleolar fracture) during a gravel race in July. I had surgery to put in a couple plates and a dozen screws/pins. I am just about 9 weeks post op and have been ahead of the given milestone timelines given by the surgeon.

Having said that, timelines are based on the general population, and being younger (36 years old) and athletic, they do not really apply. So I thought to come here hoping to hear some experiences of cyclists that suffered the same or similar injury.

When were/are you able to ride pain free?
How long did it take for you to ride strong enough to train again?
Were you able to regain your previous power?
Anything notable you wish you’d known when you were around my stage?

I have been walking and slowly pedalling with my space boot on unassisted since week 7 and am likely getting the green light to start learning to walk without the boot and lightly ride on the trainer starting tomorrow.

I discussed my experience in this thread here.