Breck Epic Tires 2024

Debating two tire combos.

  1. Maxxis recon 2.4 front/Ikon 2.4 rear
  2. Specialized Fast trac Control 2.35 with T7 front/ fast track control 2.35 with T5 rear.

5’10” 150 pounds. I’m a good climber with average descending skills. I want to finish the race. No aspirations for a podium.

Concerned about sidewall protection given what I’ve heard about the technical descents.

Thanks for any advice.

I’ve never raced the breck epic, as cost of the race + vacation time has inhibited me to do so, I have spent many, many hours riding the same trails that the race is held on.
If I had to pick one tire to race and ride on in breck, with absolutely no concerns over puncturing and plenty of grip with moderate rolling resistance would be the 2.4" Maxxis Rekon front and rear. If you can find the 120tpi tire (usually biketiresdirect has them), I would go with that one.

Trails in the summer are loose and dusty, the rekons are very predictable with loose over hard conditions. I’ve never punctured riding those tires, and I’m a big guy (6’3", 200lbs) and I ride with xc cushcores all the time.


Agreed on Rekon front, if you’re not trying to “race” it, that’s going to be a safe and fun bet on the front. For the rear, I think an Ikon should be fine. I ran a Rekon Race rear last year and it was plenty adequate.


Never been there but I watched this YT series where Macky did the race on a single speed. His tires were Barzo/Mezcal in XC trail casing. I don’t quite remember, but I don’t think he got any punctures.

If you want to save some cash and get Specialized tires, I’ve always thought the Fast Trak Grid would be the ideal ‘low chance of puncture’ xc race tire. Control casing is good too, but probably about half as robust as the grid. (I have the ground control grid and old fast trak control)

Either one looks good, I’d recommend a grid/exo on the rear at least.

I did BE on Barzo’s 2.35’s front and rear…no issues. Personally think that Mezcals would not be enough in terms of traction. Durability they’d be fine but you need some meat for both the dusty loose stuff and rocks.


Of the two you are debating either would probably be fine. Lower part of the CT on the Guyot stage has the ‘sharpest’ rocks of the race in my opinion.

I live in Breck and I’ve never raced it. Volunteered plenty of times - same deal as @NickZambeck. The idea of taking PTO ride trails I do everyday has been something I go back and forth with a lot. I should have raced it back when I had a very laid back remote gig where I could make up the hours easily.

I’d consider myself an average descender, maybe a bit above and if I were to race it, I think I would run 2.35 Ray/Ralph combo. I’m running a Ray/Aspen combo now but I wouldn’t run a rear Aspen for Wheeler or even Guyot. Steep and loose. Wheeler has so much tech going up and down, that a faster rolling tire won’t do much. I’d take the grip going down towards Copper then down Miner’s to Peaks Trail. Guyot on the other hand has the Marshall road climb back up to Georgia pass so I could see wanting something in between. I’ve personally done Guyot with mezcals front and rear, barzo etc and it’s been ok.

Other options to consider: Barzo tnt f/r, rekon f/r - maybe an Ikon rear. You’ll probably see lots of aspen f/r in the pro and pointy end age groupers.

Whatever you do run, I recommend bringing spare tires with you as the shops around here usually only have in stock trail tires (Assegai, DHR, Ardent etc) Not many of us living here are rolling xc fast tires everyday.

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Never raced Breck Epic, so this is just my general tire recommendation for XC (I’m in Michigan, but ride all over the US.)

TLDR, Rekon 2.4 front / Rekon Race 2.4 rear would be my choice for Breck Epic if was racing.

  • My go-to combo is Rekon Race 2.4 front and rear on most XC.
  • I run a Rekon front, Rekon Race rear (both in 2.4) on more technical rooty or rocky XC trail. The standard Rekon rolls fast enough and isn’t THAT much slower than a Rekon Race.
  • I have a set of Ikons, but I mostly use them for bikepacking as I don’t love the side knobs. I’d probably race an Aspen rear before an Ikon rear.
  • I typically run Rekon front and rear (2.6/2.4) on my trail bike all over the country. Unless it’s loamy or chunky enough for a DHF which is like maybe 2% of the trails I ride it feels like?
  • The new Fast Trak is slower than the standard Rekon in my experience.

I ran 2.2 Rekon front and 2.2 rekon race rear last year with the goal of finishing, not podium aspirations. This set up worked well and I did not have any issues/flats. The weather was hot/dry every day though.
I am also an ‘average’ descender and I would be more comfortable on my new bikes set up of 2.4 rekon race front/rear if I were to go back.