Epic Rides Whiskey Off Road tire recommendation

Hi All,
I’m riding the Whiskey Off Road in Prescott AZ with my son and a friend in a month and need a tire recommendation. Planning to bring my maxxis aspens for my full suspension bike, but would love to hear what others who have been there recommend.

I was thinking the same. I ride mostly in va where it’s likely softer and wetter and rootier.

Any recommendations from people who ride out there?

Maxxis Aspen 2.25 or 2.35 if they release the wider version. Loose over hard dirt. So something like an Ikon would also work. I’ve ridden Ardent Races there too and the new Rekon Race is a good option. Go with Exo sidewall protection as there are some loose sections you may tear a sidewall.

Any one of those tires would work. Just your preference.

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I’ll be running 2.25 Aspen’s. Have run those for the last year around Arizona and have been very pleased.

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Thanks guys!
In case you are wondering Maxxis Aspens work in N.C. too as long as it’s dry!

They work in va when dry. When wet get a bit sloppy.

I can’t speak highly enough about Vittoria Mezcals. I find them far gripper, predictable, faster rolling and better in wet than my previous Aspens. I raced them all last year (wet, roots, rocks and sand) in MI and am very impressed. Don’t let the few extra grams fool you (725 grams with sidewall protection), these tires perform. I’m trying 2.35 up front and 2.25 back this year, but last year I ran 2.25 f/r. I have yet to get a flat and these tires wear very well (one pair the whole season). At 78 kg I like the tire pressures 22-23 front and 24-26 rear on my full sus.

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