Breath Tracker - does a Wearable Device exist?

I’ve been looking around and see a few that use an algorithm…appear to be inaccurate.

anyone know of a wearable device that tracks breath rate? I’d imagine it would need to be a strap around your chest that measured expansion / contraction.

I am trying to learn to slow my breathing rate - so putting numbers to it would be helpful.


Garmin head unit collects this data from my TICKR heart strap, not sure how accurate it is or how it gets its figures, but might give you something to look into.

Check out this app from the Garmin Connect IQ Store Connect IQ Store | Free Watch Faces and Apps | Garmin
I use this AlphaHRV app on my Garmin1030. Latest update improves an already great app.

I also get it from an HR strap - the Garmin HRM-Run. Respiration rate shows up on activities but I have no idea how accurate it is.

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Garmin vivosmart 5 does measure breathing rate optically along with SPO2 24/7. Maybe not as exact as a strap but really convenient. It does need recharging every other day with that feature active but I charge it during training when I use a strap along with my 1030+ any way.

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Why though??


One option…I thought I had seen a less expensive one before but don’t remember the name…

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Garmin vivosmart 5 does measure breathing rate optically along with SPO2 24/7.

I don’t think you need the pulse ox monitored at the same time for respiration rate. I’ve a Vivoactive 4 and it reports respiration rate regardless whereas for the battery drain reasons you mention I only check pulse ox fairly infrequently (haven’t turned blue yet). No idea how accurate the respiration rate measurement is as it’s not a metric I pay a heap of attention to

Me neither, but it’s there for those who find interest in it. It does seem reasonably accurate to me though. I only pay some attention to my average breathing rate during but I have found average heart rate during sleep more useful.

I have it on my left ankle instead of my wrist to keep it out of the way. As far as i know that’s not recommend though…ymmv

from what I gather the heart rate monitor straps (and wrist straps / watches) use an algorithm based on HRV to estimate breathing rate. some people say it’s spot on…others say it’s not…probably just works better for some people.