Breakout endurance workout scheduled for first day of rest week?

For some reason I had the idea in my head that AT and plan builder wouldn’t really schedule breakthrough workouts. However, I am coming into my rest week after a build phase and the first workout for that week was a 5.4 endurance – which is +3.5 endurance from where I was at. I don’t think I was adapted into this workout but not entirely sure. In my plan I had a C event for Tuesday that I missed (did not want to mix 105 heat index and hangovers). The breakthrough workout was scheduled for Thursday but moved it up one day for scheduling reasons but didn’t change the specific workout.

I learned that yeah - even though it was endurance, it was quite challenging to finish (in particular in the sauna of my garage). Are breakthrough workouts really supposed to happen? My next workout scheduled is endurance 3.1 - not sure if that will get adapted higher now or not. Right now it says no adaptations, but maybe it will change tomorrow.

Looking into your calendar now.

Following up, this is a known issue that can occur in recovery weeks for some athletes.
I’m working with the team on a couple adjustments that should cover situations like this. We’ll send you a message too to go into some more detail.

In the meantime, anyone seeing a Breakthough workout in their recovery week should reach out to

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Thanks for looking into this Ivy. It probably only happens to the REALLY good looking athletes :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help and you’re great on the podcast!

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