Brake lever broken 🤦‍♂️


took bike off the trainer to put wheels on, and while stepping over to fetch wheels my toes barely clipped the lever and broke the plastic brake lever (Ultegra 6800). No blood, brake lever and shifter still work, so I’m headed out for that easy ride on the calendar.

Hoping for a cheap replacement!


Well this sucks, the middle toe turned black and blue last night and today the foot is swollen and really unhappy going into shoe. So I’m likely not riding today (inside or outside). which is a shame because the air quality is perfect for riding outside and we have a NW wind which means smoke from the August fire is returning later and into next week. :frowning_face:

Oh, and I stopped by LBS and you can’t order the lever. But a local rider upgraded to Ultegra 8000 and might still have his 6800 series hydraulic levers…

Yet another reason for bikes to stay rubber side down.


All because of the trainer, another reason to only ride outside LOL.

Just sent that to doc, not sure it’s worth a trip to urgent care.

It’s not…can’t do anything for a broken toe, unless it is severe.

Buddy-tape to to the next largest toe, ice it and take some Advil.

Heal fast.


:+1: yeah I’m no doctor but its not my first rodeo between my own shenanigans and having kids. Good news is that I’m overdue to see my new primary care physician, so got that on the calendar this week. PCP runs marathons and bikes too (ridden with him a few times), all his Strava workouts have a title with lyrics from a song, rock on :metal:

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Finally a use case for SPD sandals. :scream:


Lol no more rolling out of bed :sleeping: and putting wheels on without my shoes! Should have made coffee first :man_facepalming:

That looks very painful. I hope you can leave your sandals behind very quickly.

If you have a couple of hours and 20$… Still going strong three years later!

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Can’t figure out what you did, but I’m ready to try fixing it!

LOL. I got a small carbon fibre repair kit similar to this one

I used a dremel to grind out a channel and epoxied in a piece of steel to give some strength (actually I don’t think that was needed) and to hold it together while I worked on it. I wrapped it twice with the carbon allowing it to cure in between, sanded and a clear coat of epoxy. Everything I needed was in the little kit. I never did anything with carbon before and it turned out great.
Better than having to but a new pair of levers at the time and has taken a few knocks since without breaking.