Bradley+1 and Diamond+1

Hi all

Almost finished my first year as a Trainerroaduser, nut I’ve faced a problem this week that I haven’t had throughout the year.

Normally I have no problem with finishing a workout whatsoever, but with I just couldn’t with the abovementioned workouts. (Ive performed them after a rest week). Finished final set of Bradley at 95% tot reach the finish. On Diamond I had to bail.

During the Fourth set, I just didnt have the legs to do the sprints. The legs just said no while my heart rate during the ftpwork was kinda normal. I don’t feel fatigued, was well rested. So I think it wasn’t a problem of fitness, but a problem of raw power. Although I must say that my heart rate during the set remained high zone 5 in a 7 zone model, but it got more zone 6 throughout the workout.

So basically my question now is:
What can I do to fix this issue. Are there other workouts out there that might help? Or can it perhaps be beneficial to take a longer rest between the sets?


Sometimes you just don‘t finish… nothing to fix here. In my experience cheating myself at the FTP test can contribute to this issue. Depending on your strength some workouts can be harder than others (for me long over/under Is harder than VO2 max stuff).