Bouncing around the group ride

It’s slight. If you were in front of me I wouldn’t feel the need to say anything unless asked. I’d definitely shift if you were me though. 5-ish rpm would probably smooth it out. You’ll still be over the gear imo.

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Your fit looks decent, shorter cranks can be fun to experiment with if you’re inclined. Greatly smooths pedaling mechanics.

Don’t forget you could adjust the fit yourself, it’s not rocket science, just make small adjustments to one aspect at a time, and assess if it improves or degrades the fit.

There is definitely a bounce. I agree, if you freeze the image with the crank at 12 o’clock her thigh is very high. If she was in the drops or an aero position she would be hitting herself in the chest.

I would either shorten cranks or raise saddle slightly as it looks like your leg could go a little straighter at the 6 o’clock position. Bike fit would probably help if you are not comfortable experimenting on your own.