Boulder CO peeps

Hey everyone,
I’ll be in Boulder for Memorial Day weekend and I’m looking for some riding route options.
I’m renting a Specialized Diverge and would like to incorporate gravel into the routes. Probably won’t have access to a car so will be riding from Boulder.
Thinking maybe rides out to Ward, Gold Hill, Nederland?
Are there any must do routes? Sounds like maybe the Flag Staff climb.
Any routes/roads to avoid?


Since you’re getting a Spesh, can I assume it’s University Bicycles? If so, I rented from them last year. They had maps and helped me find and map out local routes. They were super helpful and friendly. I’d definitely use them again.

Actually I’m renting from the Specialized store. Thanks for the tip though, I’ll check with them for some maps and route ideas.

Oh wow. I missed that store. I was in central boulder. There’s a bike shop on every corner. Have fun!

Hopefully you’re coming from somewhere you’re used to climbing based on the rides you’ve suggested. That being said, one of my favorite rides incorporating gravel climbs is Four Mile Canyon to Gold hill (bring some cash and hit the “Gold Hill Store” if you want to fuel up too). There are round about ways to get to Ward via dirt, however you will be on pavement in and out of Ward. Super Flag is very cool ride also. If you want to forego the majority of Flagstaff’s paved beginning, start on the Boulder Canyon side and ride up Chapman Rd. It drops you out onto Flagstaff just below where the road turns to dirt. If you want to stick to the foothills/“flats”, there are so many gravel routes, you can basically just wind your way through the county for the entire day. You may want to check the website, Full Cycle generally has weekly gravel rides on Sunday leaving from their shop on Pearl Street. Have fun!

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@Redtires hit it pretty good.
There could be a super training ride that weekend if you want to get in a pretty solid and fast/hard group ride in. $20 mandatory donation, but coffee, waffles, etc prior, hit a rest top to refuel, and usually food/drinks afterwards at Groove Subaru.
Nederland is awesome. Good gravel/dirt out there.
I know you’ll be stationed in Boulder, but Gateway out of Golden is a beautiful ride as well. You can loop it up to Nederland to Ward back to Lyons or down Boulder Canyon. Some gravel too.

I’m coming from Michigan. I like to climb so that should not be an issue… Thanks for the heads up though.
Yeah I was checking out the Project Supertraining ride. Sounds fun. Nothing posted for the May ride yet though.
Is there cell service once you get into the mountains or will I have to rely on routes in my Wahoo to get me around?

Don’t count on cell service throughout many of the outlined rides (or in the mountains in general). You will run across spots where you have straight 4G and then all of a sudden zippo. The May Project Supertraining ride is May 26th BTW looks like the route is not published yet though.

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That looks pretty cool

Thanks for the info. I’ll load the Wahoo up with some routes.
Decided to ship my bike out instead of renting and plan on doing the Project Supertraining ride.