Book recommendations for positive thinking?

Hello, slightly an off topic question but wanted the feedback from likeminded folks.
I am looking for some book recommendations on increasing/improving my positive thinking (not related to training but just in general).
The Google produces an endless list but if anyone here has some recommendations I am very interested.
Thank you in advance.

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I can recommend a book titled “CHATTER”. Just finished it. Had some interesting things to say about the voice in our heads.

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It’s a bit tangential to positive thinking but ‘How to Change’ by Katy Milkman. Much more on the (physical) behavior change / developing or breaking habits etc but behavior can certainly affect positive thinking.


Think and Grow Rich

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

I have read lots of books but this is one of the first books I read in this area. In Pursuit of Excellance by Terry Orlick. I believe it ended up with a 5th edition in 2015. I read the 1980 edition…yes I have been around some time.
He is a sports psychologist that provides information to excel at sports as well as just coping with life.
One part I took out of it was the aspect of visualization. Visualize what you want to do. So for cycling visualize your ride etc… It can be applied to anything. It was useful to me 40 years ago…who knows how much is still applicable today.

mostly training related, but applicable to other areas: “How Bad Do You Want It?”; also, get the audio version of “Brave Athlete, Shut the F Up” - it’s read by the co authors. He’s British and bland; she’s Scottish w/ a lovely voice, but the book is laced with hilarious f-bombs, which sound incredible with her accent. I could listen to her reading the ingredients off a package of fig newtons.

“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson.

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I think you mean “Brave Athlete: Calm the F Down”? I haven’t heard the audio, but did read the book.

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@vanbc check out these books, they helped me immensely and hope it helps!
“The untethered soul” by Michael singer
“Can’t hurt me” by David goggins
“10% happier” by Dan Harris
“Power of now” by Eckhart Tolle


I second “Can’t Hurt Me” by Goggins. Just finished that one.

Not necessarily about positive thinking, but in a roundabout way they are:

Atomic Habit by James Clear
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

I really enjoyed these and the value they gave me led to positive thinking?


yeah, that one : )

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Watch Admiral McCraven’s University of Texas commencement speech on Youtube … and then go make your bed.


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

Personally I thought ‘How bad do you want it?’ to be a waste of my money. Sure, hearing about special attributes of high level athletes can be inspiring, but I did not find it useful at all as far as figuring out how to develop or cultivate those attributes.

Brave Athlete: Calm the F Down, I thought, was more useful but I found the delivery a bit too try-hard. YMMV. It at least has more content on identifying problem areas, steps / exercises to improve those areas, etc.

Carrie Cheadle’s On Top of Your Game is a book I would recommend instead of those two. I found it more useful in identifying problem areas, implementing changes, exercises, etc. than Brave Athlete. And the writing style resonated with me, unlike the other two.

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I have this problem with his books too. Lots of “Joe is a Kenyan and he’s really fast” stories but no real plan to also help you be fast.

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If you like your life-changing books to be a little story based, you should try “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” - Dan Millman. He has a lot of other books out too. I’m always wary of self help books as they can feel hokey, but his style worked well for me.

I didn’t see this recommended yet, but along the same lines as “Can’t Hurt Me” by Goggins, I really love “Relentless” by Tim Grover. He trained Michael Jordan, Kobe, and others. Also his most recent book “Winning”. Relentless is an annual read for me!

I am that weird one that responds to the power of negative thinking.

You don’t want to be in my head in a race :joy:


This is a great read: The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters | Chimp Management Offical Site