Athlete positive mindset? Book recommendation?

Hi! I really y need a positive mindset athlete book to help me!!

I have had 3 anemias in the past 2 years that have devastated me after i am peaking… but now iam healthy… but totally negative and afraid to try once more !!

Not totally sure this is what you are after but you could look at: Matt Fitzgerald - How Bad Do you Want It.


Not wanting to sound cheesy but, hang around on this forum. I’ve never known such a positive online space, full of support and top notch advice. Some really experienced minds to draw upon and I’ve found it to be extremely useful :+1:


I second the recommendation for “how bad do you want it”

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I’ve not read this, but seen it mentioned by others.

I have read Matt’s book and agree it is solid.

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The Champions Mind is another. I tried to audiobook it but could not simply because work got too complex. Our library has it through Hoopla if you like audiobooks.

+1 on the following books I’ve read:

  • The Brave Athlete
  • How Bad Do You Want It
  • Endure
  • Let Your Mind Run
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My suggestion…talk to your doc (and other health pros) about why you keep becoming anemic and how to prevent it. Knowledge is power, remember. If it’s sonething that you have control over then you’ll be a lot less fearful of a repeat event. After you start cycling again and realize you can and are remaining healthy, that negative mindset will vanish.


Sonya looney (marathon xc cyclist and TR user) has done some good podcasts about this kind of thing, worth checking her stuff out

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Peak Performance by Brad Stuhlberg is a little more pop science and easily digestible. I’ve certainly took away a few things, in particular, reducing life stress and finding a purpose.

How bad do you want it by Matt Fitzgerald is a popular book (especially on this forum). I liked this book also but I found it a hard read. I definitely liked the sections on embracing the suffering and found that useful.

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I read the book, it’s OK, but I highly recommend endure

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I guess it’s all personal and what hits home, because I thought Endure was boring after reading the others.