BMC Roadmachine on Smart trainer

Hello everyone

I am thinking to buy a new bike. The thing is I also like to use it on my Smart trainer, I just like to have the same bike for training then outside. Now since this is my first Carbon Frame bike, I am worried about the frame. On some workouts, it says go out of the saddle, so my questions are.

-Do you think, something will happen if I use it on the trainer, I mean break…?
-You just ignore the out of the Saddle part, I like to sprint sometimes when I do Zwift Races around 1126W /73kg max. peak I saw.

  • just sprint, but not all-out efforts, I didn’t care so fare about my alloy bike but also never had any issues
  • Do you think the BMC bikes are just weaker than the Canyon ones? They are cool with the use of Carbon Frame bikes on the Smart trainer.

And yes I think I would be better of to buy the Canyon Endurance bike, but the problem is I can not testride that bike. When i did sit on the BMC, without any fitting beside saddle height, it did feel better than my bike where i spend houers tweaking positions… Also I love the way of the BMC Bike

You think i am just over worrying?

Would like to know your opinion?
Thanks a lot great forum

Ive been routinely sprinting for years on a Scott carbon frame that is probably 10% of the quality of that BMC. Out of the saddle up to almost 1,500 watts and no issues. I personally wouldn’t worry about it. On the podcast I believe they mentioned Canyon??? came out with a “trainer approved” frame and Nate said it was pure marketing as they don’t ever see frame issues with bikes on trainers.

Again, I think you are safe.


Good to hear, tanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:
And impressive Watts :slight_smile:

I believe @GPLama and DC Rainmaker have discussed the issue of manufacturers saying their warranties are void if the bike is used on a turbo. The discrepancy between Canyon (was it?) and their Zwift sponsorship was a fault line of sorts.

Another option is to use rollers. That’s my plan. I fitted my 2002 Calfee carbon Tri bike on my 2016 Kickr as my trainer bike. I pick up my BMC Roadmachine today and will use it with rollers. (While I used to spend 60-90min on Kreitlers, that was ±18yrs ago, we’ll see how I do now.)


I’ve been using a giant propel for 3 years on a couple different smart trainers with absolutely no issues. The only workouts I don’t do inside are full on sprint efforts, and that’s mainly because the bike doesn’t move naturally when hooked to a trainer like it does outside. The only people I know that have broken a bike while riding inside had incidents where they somehow tipped the bike and trainer over (I’ve never come close to doing this). Just be sure to use some towels to protect the bike from your sweat.

if trainers broke bikes you would have heard of at least one. I haven’t.

Kinda related

Yeah, the “not covered by warranty” is an easy out to cover their ass against liability. They used to say the same thing about alloy bikes back in the day too.

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I use my RM as my trainer bikes with no issues.

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Thank you all. Ordered the 2019 Roadmachine :heart_eyes:


Hey. I want to ask you - what’s your experience with the roadmachine? I’m considering one. I’ve read in the past they’ve had issues with sliding seat posts. Any issues to mention? Thanks.

Hi Peter, lucky i never had any issues with the seatpost. And i did tweak it quite a lot. Important is to only apply the carbon past on the right sections, but that is written in the bmc manual. The bike rides wonderful, and gettings many compliments from various people haha. But uphill still hurts no matter that 34t cassettes

The post clamping mechanism was changed in the 2020 model. Definitely no slipping now.

May I ask, on which trainer do you use your RM? And with which axle?
I planing to purchase a RM 01 my2018, and had the same fear with wheel on trainers.
Besides, I have a nice and soft rockerplate. :laughing:


i have a 2017 RM 01. It’s spent a lot of time on a Wahoo Kickr 17 or Tacx Neo 2 (not 2T) over the past 4 years. I would only get one that uses the native thru-axle.

Although I have no experience with a wheel on trainer. And never had the seat post slip.

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I have used my BMC Teammachine on a turbo as well as smart rollers since I started training with TrainerRoad. According to my ride history, I have done 780 workouts on the platform so well in excess of 1000 hours. I’ve done some high-volume cycles so probably more like twice that. No problem sprinting out of the saddle just make sure you don’t yank the bars and pay attention to limiting lateral movement.


I have used my team machine on my kickr for the last year, it works well. The only issue is salt corrosion on the back disc brake and the bearings of the head tube rusting. I just started wrapping the rear brake in cling film.

I also suggest covering the head tube. I use a wash cloth and hold it in place with a Velcro strap, and replace it after every ride. I completely destroyed one set of head tube bearings and this is a simple enough solution.

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I have started using this muc off product, looks like it might help

More fans should help too. Adding a second carpet blower worked wonders for sweat for me.