Bluetooth speaker recommendation

Kind of off topic, but does anyone have a recommendation for a good bluetooth speaker for cycling. I have seen some water bottle types and handlebar mounts, but I don’t have any experience with any. I’m not a fan of headphones, and find myself cycling alone in remote areas quite a bit, so looking for an entertainment option.

I haven’t personally tried it but I have friends who recommend the Anker speaker from Amazon. I have some of Anker’s other products, including their wireless earphones and they work great.

You might also consider some aftershokz bone conducting headphones if you want to listen whilst also hearing ambient noise


Thanks I’ll check the anker products!

Yeah, I just don’t like having anything in my ears regardless of ambient noise.

Check out the aftershokz. They dont go in your ears

Ah, gotcha - I’ll check them out

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I use this one and it’s awesome. Good sound and a nice plastic band that you can mount the speaker we’re ever you want. I use to have on my stem, but also on my uswe backpack.

Check this video for sound, and video on my way to use it. Music comes after 5 minutes

And the volume it’s not maxxed
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Here is the bone conduction headphone thread:

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Definitely check out the AfterShokz bone conducting headphones! Works fantastic without being in the ears so you can maintain situation awareness of traffic and environment thus keeping the music to yourself. :slight_smile:

As for the BT speaker, are you using this on the road & commuting? I truly hope so and while I don’t have anything against this for these and similar use case, please don’t use on the mtb trails. I’m asking politely as I think we should try to maintain the peace and serenity of the trails.

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I’m just looking at the aftershokz now - they look interesting.

As far as the use, yeah definitely fatbiking, mtn biking and gravel riding. It’s super rare I ever see anyone though - I like 5 % of the time on the trails. I hear ya, it would be really obnoxious on busy trails!

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Thanks! Looks better than the others I was checking out.

I have aftershokz aeropex. Open-ear (you hear everything around), sound is great as well as battery life. Not cheap but worth it.


Please use the bone conduction thread for that discussion. This thread is about external speakers.