Bluetooth Earbud (in ear) Recommendations

These are cool but don’t they mean everyone around you can hear what you’re listening to? I had that was an issue with some.

Me and my wife both use the Plantronic’s Backbeat Fit head phones which work pretty well and we haven’t killed them from sweat yet.

+1 for MPow Swifts. I picked them up for about £15 from Amazon about 2 years ago now and they are still going strong.

I sweat a lot on the turbo as well

I personally use the Jaybird X3. As people have said, they are water/sweat proof and provide great sound quality. Also, they are very comfortable and stay in my ear even when I’m sweating a lot.

I use these as well. Great earbuds.

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I’ve been using Plantronics Backbeat Fit for 2.5 years - I’m a heavy sweater, especially on TrainerRoad workouts, never had any issues with sweat etc, sound quality is excellent and the battery life is very good.


Just note that the airpods are not water/sweat proof.

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Hi Theo. They’re silent unless you turn them up really loud.

+1 for the Jaybird X3

For the budget conscious, these are available for $26 on Amazon. I’ve had my pair more than a year. I’ve had sweat issues a couple of times recently with the old (non IPX6 waterproof) ones, but I’d bet this newer pair works better. No issues when running outdoors or cycling inside or outside. Only time I’ve had a problem is on the gym dreadmill when sweating like crazy and not cooling as well.

Taotronics Bluetooth Headphones (improved version)

These amazon mpow ones are amazing. I destroyed some jaybirds and my jabras. These have been going strong all year now for 1/4 the price.

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I have a set of Jaybird X2 that I have given up on trying to get to fit my ears…nothing works!

I have moved to an over ear design that is way cheaper with way better sound quality!

LinkWitz Marathon2 Sports Bluetooth Headphones - Wireless Earphones Bluetooth 4.2 [2018 Upgraded] Black

Another for Aftershockz.
Can’t fault them, great for bike and run both in and outside.


Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. I’m going to try the Jaybirds I think. I do have a set of wired aftershocks that work well but I have issues pulling the connection out of my phone (iPhone) when on the trainer and on the road.

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@fierceseaman I’ve been using these ( older version for a 18months) for all my sports including TR work out and they are perfect…

I bought these Sony ones here in Oz and work fine so far. The little cord weight tucks in the top of my shirt at back of the neck. Not sure if its better with or without the weight.

The Sony girl who lives inside the unit talks to me when I turn it on/off and when phone/Bluetooth is connected. She is really nice and friendly not like my ex. :slight_smile:


Bose soundsport wired. Have had a pair for 2 years and I sweat a ton. No issues at all.

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+2 for Plantronics Backbeat FIT a year and half, took a dive into pool forgetting I have them on and they are still rolling strong. I have gone through Jaybird’s X2, X3 (charging issues from sweat) and Beats. The FIT works great, did I mention it’s waterproof :joy: . I sweat a lot and that is what kills most headsets I have owned. I don’t have worry about ear fit when I take them out during a ride and put them back in, an issue with other headsets I’ve owned with foam and silicon ends.


This was my experience too. I bought Jaybird X3’s based upon podcast recommendation etc and also internet reviews ( i.e. Best Bluetooth Headphones). Initially was disappointed by sound but the Jaybird app greatly improved this (although took a lot of time). Fit was decent and packaging looked quality. BUT…they lasted about 2 weeks of use in gym, turbo and walking the dog. I’m not really a heavy sweater as I work out in a cold garage with a good fan and it was winter! However, battery failed to hold charge after 2 weeks. Battery was also very disappointing generally. I returned for a refund. Given the price it was a very disappointing experience although I appreciate others have got on well with them. I have since got some MPOW Judge ones for £17 off Amazon. Sound is decent but not as good as Jaybirds, and the fit requires some adjustment during hard intervals or gym work. The battery however is amazing. I am thinking of going back to cable ones just because I think they are more reliable (maybe Bose Soundsport). Would be interested to hear if anyone has any experience of these?

+3 on Plantronics Backbeat Fit. I have a pair I have had for several years now. Used for running, cycling (indoors), weight training and phone calls in general. Very comfortable and “disappear” during activities. Fit well and secure. I don’t wear earbuds when cycling outdoors but when running I love the fact these do not “seal” but allow me to hear traffic for safety reasons.