Why does my Laptop need a BLED112 dongle

My laptop has Bluetooth, so why does it need a BLED112 dongle?

I can’t use my 4th Gen iPad. It will pick up my power meter, but it won’t pick up my speed and cadence sensor without an ANT+ stick.

I have a ANT+ stick for my laptop, but it won’t pick up my Garmin Stages power meter and it says I need a BLED112 dongle.

I can use my phone, which will pick up both, but if I play on my phone whilst working out, the TR program sometimes freezes!

I used to use my old phone, but it has finally died and won’t hold power long enough to complete a workout, even when it is plugged in charging!

Someone will be along with the full explanation soon I’m sure but as I understand it Windows doesn’t natively support Bluetooth low energy (BLE) which is the protocol sensors transmit on. Only Bluetooth 4.

Dunno why you can’t pick up your stages on ant+, you should be able to. Might be worth firing support an email to help you out with troubleshooting that.

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Yup, support@trainerroad.com is the right place to start.

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