Blow to the knee

So i had the most stupid injury this tuesday.

I had a blow to the knee, walking up to the leg press machine in my gym. It’s steel and i just walked into it.
I thought that the hit was all that made it hurt, and that it would stop pretty soon after. I did my VO2-Max session tuesday evening (as planned) and 45 min Z2 yesterday.

It still hurts… When i walk, especially on stairs, and also when i sit and bent my knee. I just made the decision to skip my session today. I’m cooling it down with ice…

It dosen’t hurt too much on the bike, when i get warm…

How do i approach this the best way?? Do I just do my training as long as it dosen’t hurt too much on the bike…
It was just a small blow! It’s the most frustrating “injury” ever. So stupid!!

Life happens and its just riding a bike. Take some time off till the pain is gone. Maybe some light recovery rides or walks to get blood moving to the muscles.

But if I need to ride my bike as fast as possible, but don’t want to hurt myself even more, just taking some time off might not be the best approach. :blush:

You cant ride your bike as fast as possible if your hurt.


Good point…

Maybe just do short really easy Z2 / Z1 sessions until it feels good again.

Aleve, ice, limited movement. Be careful, ignoring it in the short term could make it stretch into the long term.

I crashed on my gravel bike a few years ago and banged my knee hard on a rock. My knee was sore for two weeks.

I’d definitely get on the Aleve for a few days.

I need prescription for that in Denmark, so I might try the ibuprofen.


800mg is max dose 3 times a day