Blood testing in the UK

After reading the plant based cyclist book I’m looking at getting bloods taken.

Has anyone got good recommendations for a company for blood testing in the UK.

Thanks in advance. :+1:

Which book is that?

Guessing this one - GCN publication, written by Nigel Mitchell:


Out of interest, what blood tests are you considering having done, and how do you intend to interpret them?

The NHS is a good company but I think the likes of Boots do tests too.

Blood test be purely for overall health and performance. I would like to see what if anything I’m lacking from my current diet.

Long live the NHS but I think the OP will have to go private with this one! :joy:


Medichecks are not bad.

Many private healthcare companies will do tests for you if you give them a reason. Post Covid, I arranged my own blood tests to clear me to resume training (after the NHS refused, which I suppose I understand). I had to pay for the tests and a private GP’s appointment to have them explained to me.

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Hence, the Boots line :joy:

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