Blood/Levels to have Tested

Ok been seeing a lot of single topics that talk about testing of different things to improve your bodies ability to either perform or absorb nutrition and be able to handle the amount to training stress we put it through.

So my question is what kinds of tests can i have done to help with being a better cyclist and knowing more about my body. I am going to ask at my local doctors office first to see what they can do and go from there.

What i have seen people talk about - Hemaglobin, testosterone, cortisol, fat percent, oxygen, bone density, HDL & LDL…(lay it on me so i can have a laundry list)

@Nate_Pearson or @chad anything from the pros on this?

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You should check out Inside Tracker.

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I’d absolutely test the ferritin level.

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Thanks i will look into that and add it to my list

If you happen to be vegan/vegetarian maybe it’s worthwhile to throw a vitamine B12 test on the pile

Your doctor will be able to offer standard blood tests to check out medical conditions.
There a loads of organisations that claim to offer blood tests that relate to sports performance in one way or another, AFAIK the jury is still out on their effectiveness.

I had routine bloods done in my 20s, full blood count, haemaglobin, etc etc. I asked the doc to do haemocrit out of interest to see my red blood cell count (living at 6000ft ASL at the time).
He also decided to check my cholesterol whilst we were at it.

The biggest surprise was finding out I have hereditary high cholesterol so I highly recommend checking that!

The only blood tests I have done that have had any bearing on my training was blood lactate during VO2 testing