Black Friday Deals? TR Getting Expensive

Or… we early adopters fed the roots of this tree for many years (with our $$$), allowing new comers to benefit from the improved features that we helped grow. :wink:


Whatever helps you sleep at night @mcneese.chad :wink:


Cost of opportunity

I could have build a pool in 2016 for $35K.

Now, the same pool is about $100k

Missed my chance and now, if I want the pool, will need to pay the price.



How are new subscribers supposed to know that offer is available?

Its not an offer…
They just do it and it became a thing…

IIRC, few years ago they had a huge bump in price and many were not happy about the situation.
At that moment they decided to keep people at the same rate they were but anyone joining after would pay the new price.

Did they had to do it? No.

Now it seems they keep doing the same thing. I joined in 2019 @ 129 per year
I join a few months after they change the pricing.

It is what it is. And as said before. They can change the policy at any time for any reason. And they have said that in the past. As of right now, its working out for them, but the moment it doesnt they will make everyone the new price.

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yep - a very welcome and effective pricing strategy for as long as it lasts!

I’ve been here a loooong time and its $89 for me :smiley: but had it increased every year I would have unsubscribed a long time ago, so it makes sense. You also need to remember that TR 10 years ago was a VERY different platform to now!


I recently got a coach that creates custom workouts for me and uploads them to TP, but I’m keeping my TR subscription because A) I like that I can still use the TR software to run the workouts…I’ve got some sort of Stockholm syndrome with regards to those blue rectangles. B) If I go back to self-coaching I keep my pricing and it will pay back pretty quick anyways. C) Seems like a great company that I’m very happy to keep funding.


similar to me - I have a custom plan built by a coach and inevitably will do some of it indoors this winter, and TR is the best platform IMHO to do this. I’ll always want to do some indoor work from the TR catalogue anyway even though I dont follow any of their plans.

In the podcast where they announced the big price increase (the $99 to $129 I think, not the $129 to $179 or whatever it is now), I believe Nate said something like “… so long as I am CEO, we will grandfather the rate”.

I’ve kept my subscription because it’s $99 and because of the non-workout things TR do.

If there is ever a drive to remove the grandfathered pricing, then I would let my subscription lapse and just join back if I am going to do a big training push.


Makes sense, after getting a coach Aug 2020 I had TR AT/ML FOMO a year ago but this past week let go of my $99 pricing after seeing my coach use very different looking training blocks that delivered better results. And I really want to train outside as much as possible, something TP does better.

The TP-to-TR sync workout sync is great for those that like blue blocks!

On topic - in the past FasCat Coaching has done Black Friday deals on their plans. The ‘off-season to base to ready for racing intervals’ plan 30 Week Weights + Sweet Spot Base - New 💥 for 2022 – FasCat Coaching is what I would use as the basis for self-coaching. Buy once, use over and over again. I own the previous version and the results of that plan are what led me to hire a FasCat coach.


As mentioned, TR doesn’t really advertise the Legacy Pricing (which is the official term they prefer) as a general practice. It most often gets mentioned whenever they make a pricing increase, and Nate’s driving reason behind it is a sort of reward for those users who have been with TR over time.

It’s possible that they should add some marketing for this, but I don’t know how much it would be an aid for drawing new users vs other options?


I’m in the same boat. With the CDN to USD conversion+CC fees it usually ends up around $120 give or take a few dollars either way depending on where the dollar is at. Pretty much no way I’d be paying an extra $100 USD/year at this point.

It’s not really an issue until there’s a price increase like you mention. Given how much of an uproar happened last time the price went up without any notice and the subsequent backtracking with a grace period for users to lock in at the old pricing, I’m guessing/hoping they’ll let users know ahead of time on the next increase… :grinning:

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I honestly think it would put as many users off as it encouraged. Most new users probably wouldn’t factor it in though I guess as it’s not something one can change.


I tend to agree. There is rarely a time that Legacy Pricing gets mentioned where someone doesn’t complain that they are paying a higher price than other users and question the “fairness” of it (as already happened here).

You can’t please everyone, but think it’s a nice offering that is rare in the world these days.


Yeah. I think it’s fair for the inequity to be mentioned/discussed, but that doesn’t mean it’s useful.

I agree it’s definitely a nice offering that’s pretty unique, but I don’t think it makes new users feel encouraged at all.

Best to put energy into things we can control. Like getting the money’s worth out of the training plan/platform :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I dont think is a question of fairness…

I could have buy 3k in apple stocks back in 2001 instead of POS car…

was that unfair that some people did and I didnt?

Prices changes with time.

Best price for most things is right now.


It seems ad though my initial thread is getting derailed. All I was looking for was a good deal as it’s getting a bit expensive for me (30% increase in 2 years). That’s because of my currency devaluing. With the current economy and the way things are all I wanted was to legitimately try and get a good deal like most companies offer on Black Friday

  • You got an unofficial answer in the first reply, that linked to a similar topic from a prior year… and that one does have an official answer from a TR rep.
  • Short story, TR doesn’t do “Sales” or “Deals” in any traditional sense. They can sure change that statement, but they have no history of those items.

  • We did mention the Legacy Pricing, which is the closest thing to a deal, and is worth considering in your budgeting and planning.

Without giving away all the details, what does the plan look like and why has it given you better results?