Bike Pedal Spacer

I recently completed a bike fit and was told I need 2x 1.5mm pedal spacer washers on each side.

I’ve searched the web and found

Bike Fit Spacers Canada

But this this place seems to be sold out. This looks like any other spacer washer, so I was wondering if anybody knows the dimensions/what I look for if I was to buy these at say Home Depot or any other hardware store. Would they work?

Not sure on the size (not at home to measure mine) but you can find them from many difference sources.

Not to mention that most local bike shops will have them on hand for quick purchase.

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If it’s not urgent: AliExpress. I bought 1mm there (so you would need 3 for each side)

Alternatively, just FYI or if you need a new pair anyways: Shimano has pedals with a 4mm longer axle as well.

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