Bigger fan better numbers?

I added a new fan and had it pointed in my face, whether psychological or not it seemed to make things 10x easier doing my calendar workout tonight, Taylor-2.


I use one of these suckers by itself. works well enough that I need a hoodie on during warmups, and I don’t drip too much sweat

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Funny one but it all seriousness, is it better to aim the fan at our body (chest) or head for optimalm cooling?

I use 3 lasko fans total; 2 at the front corners of my trainer mat pointing at my chest and the third on spare storage containers pointing at my back. Start the ride with a long sleeve soccer warmup shirt, 15 minutes in I typically take it off.

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If you only have one fan, then chest. Core body temp control is paramount.


With using only one large fan, I direct it at my torso. It’s a big fan so the area of airflow is big, and it covers my head as well whenever I’m in any kind of aggressive position. Only when I sit up straight is my head out of the airflow.

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with this Fan Setup i get really better numbers, need no towels during hard rides and so :nerd_face:

I like this option: three separate outlets so your fans can be in different locations more easily. Also nice to have separate buttons for each fan: I turn on my gentle fan for warmup, add a Lasko for Z2, and hit the second Lasko at the start of an interval.

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Hello everyone,
I have a question about cooling. In my country (Turkey) it is winter now and its freezing cold now. So i do my workouts indoor in my balkoon and the temperature is approximately 10 degress my workouts. I also open a window for getting fresh air. But during the intervals (when my hear rate is high) i sweet a lot.

So my question do you think i need a fan? I can open more windows but affraid of getting sick because of cold. I know its a silly question but i just sweet a lot.

Yeah, you still need a fan. Cooling from airflow is much more effective.


Thanks for quick reply.
What about getting sick? Because its 10 degrees and if i dont ride and wait i will feel cold normally. If i ride and my heart rate high i sweet a lot.

Ideally, in cold environments, you want to wait to use the fan until you get good and warmed up. This can be done by starting the ride with the fan off, and then switching it on when you feel warm enough. That can be done by hand if the fan control is in reach or you are willing to get off the bike for a moment. You can also consider any of the many remote switch controls.

Others kick the fan on at the start, but wear some amount of clothing (jersey, jacket, etc.) initially, and then take it off when you are too warm. You can even blend these options to suit your temps and comfort level.


In addition to @mcneese.chad ‘s excellent suggestions, I just want to add that being cold doesn’t make you sick. That’s a popular belief but you get sick from germs, not cold.


Thanks. So i will try my workouts with fan. Ive never done it before. I guess it will decrease rpe.

Thanks everyone for helping :slight_smile:


Depending on the temp and your effort, you may only need a mild amount of air flow, but even in cold rooms, the moving air can be a real benefit vs still air in terms of actual cooling effect.

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