Let's see your paincave!

Got that one from chain reaction a while ago and works well and good price also.

My 9-5 workspace becomes my after hours training place, recently removed a lot of junk and “decorated”. Kitty litter to help open up the airways


I have run zwift and TR on a sp4 and it was fine, no issues at all.

So glad you posted this! I was thinking of making my pain cave in a room with a liter box. Our liter box is hidden inside a China hutch base with closed doors minus the entrance. I was curious as to whether or not the dust would be bad on the lungs. How do you deal with it? You scoop pretty regularly I’m hoping! Haha

I scoop generally every day. Dust isn’t bad I guess, it doesn’t linger in the air but settles on stuff after a while. I do make sure to clean/wipe the bike and trainer regularly too, also use a vacuum cleaner on the trainer vents

now i updated my Paincave to 2.0 :joy:

added this awesome pictures of @PusherMan to my wall behind:

added a Lifeline Desk (same as the Kickr but cheaper) and bought 2 new Vornado fans
because they are relatively small and take up little space at the table:

I placed the Headwind on the ground, optimal position on the lifeline desk, my cooling is now so great, that i don’t need towels during my rides and of course i can wear my Varifocal eyeglasses during the whole training.

I also started an experiment with mirrors, with these 2 cheap Ikea mirrors I now try to pay more attention to my knees and symmetry during my training:

thanks to all for the inspiration in here! :facepunch:


The mirrors are an excellent idea!


Thank you for the shoutout. They look great :+1::biking_man:

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How bad is the slope? Usually you can balance the trainer by adjusting it’s legs, but if you can’t you can always put something to act as a shim to get it leveled. I use a level bubble app on my phone to balance my bike in. Your fan placement looks fine. I tend to put mine closer though since I sweat a lot lol.

this Ikea mirrors are really designed for indoor cycling :rofl:

bought 2 of them, the size is optimal, one for the left and one for the right side of the tire


Another Cyclist/Climber, good to see there are more of us :slight_smile:

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Hey, really like that photo you have above your TVs. Mind sharing where it is from?

Edit: I see that someone else asked you this and you provided a link that is now broken. But, I did see that the photographer is Chris Auld. That is enough for me :slight_smile: No need to respond. Thanks!

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Does anyone use a remote/switch to toggle their fans on/off?

My trainer is located in a cold place in my house and it’s hard to muster up the motivation to get through the warm up with the fans already blowing cold air at me. My current workaround is obviously layering up and shedding as needed, but I’d rather install a remote switch or smart plug to toggle the fan on when needed.

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Yup, several here had the outlet remotes. Everything from the simple ones for about $10 up to the fancy wifi options can work.

I have a simple remote that has 3 buttons for 3 separate outlets, one for each fan. Works great.


I use a smart plug and Alexa. Saying, start training, turns on all the fans.


I could have done with it over the last two years after chemotherapy and nerve damage. Thankfully it’s all over but I invested in a remote control fan anyway. Its handy being able to start with it off but ramp it up a step after each interval.


Same here as a few others. I use a smart plug and start it part way into my warm up but before I really start sweating (the initial rush of cold air can be jarring). It’s only on/off, though, so no speed control, which would have been nice on a few occasions but not necessary.

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Love the setup and framed pictures. Where did you get them??

Thanks, the wife bought them from Etsy, UK I think, we’re in Germany.