Big sprint power with TR

Just out of curiosity

How do people train/build really big sprints? I started messing with Zwift (while sticking with and prioritizing TR, of courseeee) and I’ve been able to get the 1100 watt sprint badge but not yet the 1200 watt sprint badge.

It got me thinking:
As I’ve seen it so far, TR doesn’t seem to go much beyond 120% or 150% FTP (I may be wrong, have not looked at every plan/workout)

How do people train/build/develop those really big watt sprints if it’s never stimulated in training?

Is it a case where 150% stimulus for actual intervals is sufficient to prep the muscles for gameday big watt surges?

Or do people do something else (dedicated outdoor sprint training, weight lifting) to raise their max surge power?

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Don’t use Erg?

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You can filter to find “Sprint” workouts:

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I noticed that as well, so devoted one day a week last year to outside sprints. It seemed to make quite the difference during races. I don’t do any standing sprints on the trainer as I don’t want to risk breaking anything, so I generally don’t see anything above 1200w seated.

Lift heavy, and forget watts when you sprint, just go max and only do it when you’re very fresh. There’s no other way to do it unless you’re a genetic freak like me who just kept adding sprint watts by just racing. And when I started training my sprint… well it’s 2100w now at 95kg. Here’s a webinar I did for wko5, the first half on sprint training:


IMHO sprints should be trained outside, or at least big power numbers are created outside. Technique is such a big part of sprinting and that you develop dynamically, not anchored to your trainer. With that said these workouts will still make you stronger and develop repeatability. But if you’re looking for outright power get on the road!