Big ride during recovery week

I searched but didn’t find much about this potential scenario in the archives.

I’m coming up on a much needed recovery week next week, but have a day off and potentially able to do a long ride without worrying about daycare pick up.

If I keep it zone 2, any potential harm in going long (5+ hours) during a recovery week? My plan is to take the two days off before and after this as well.

I average 10-11 hours a week, two hard indoor trainer rides, two zone 2 rides, and one longer group ride that’s usually not a hammer fest (IF of 0.75 max). So would still be a 50% reduction in volume and doing no intensity.

Thoughts? I’m pretty tired coming off of a v02 block and don’t want to screw myself over before the next threshold block.

This suggests you know it"ll likely be absolutely fine. :+1:

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Guess I just know how I feel after big days (even zone 2) and don’t know if that is detrimental on these weeks

If I read this right, you’re going to take four days off the bike during your recovery ride but have a 5+ hour ride between? That is how you will have a 50% reduction in volume? I wouldn’t take four days off. Ride a few of those days but make them lazy mountain or something similar.

My recovery weeks are usually very similar in volume (slightly less) than a normal week but with less intensity. I don’t think 2 days off, a big day, and 2 days off makes any sense for ‘recovery’.

You might consider riding 1hr easy for 2 days before your big ride, do the big ride, then take 2 days off and call that a recovery week.

I could do an easy spin on Tuesday (big ride planned for Wednesday) and commute Z1 on Friday to work - but if I end up doing a 5 hour ride I want my body to recover.

My legs are pretty wrecked coming into the last interval workout and then a longer Z2 ride this upcoming Sunday, and honestly I am not opposed to the time off to legit rest my legs. My last recovery week I did Mon/Tues off, 2 hour easy ride Wednesday, Thurs/Fri off, and then tempo Saturday (indoors), and gravel ride with buddies Sunday (which was hard but I was fine, 4 hours+ at 0.71 IF/200 TSS). I was fine going into the next block structuring it like this. Personally, I think doing Lazy Mountain versus just time off isn’t worth it. I have young kids, and both my wife and I work full time - so fitting in riding/trainer is always stressful. Part of the benefit of the days off is not stressing on fitting these in. My original concern was doing a 5 hour ride in the middle of the recovery week versus a 2 hour like last time.