Bidons gotta look good

Yes, I’m vain. Now on to the important stuff.

Good looking/fun/edgy bottles are always a good addition to the bike, but bad bottles are just frustrating. I like the Specialized bottles. Anyone know where we can find Specialized bottles in some fun designs? Preferably in Europe, as that’s where I am.


In one of the Specialized stores?

They are just Purist bottles. They make them for a ton of brands. I like a few of the patterns on the Isadore ones myself.

Isn’t specialized pretty mainstream?

Your question reminded me of the time, many years ago, when an American teammate on a French team yelled for a “bidet” instead of a “bidon” while riding through the feed zone.


Sorry if I was unclear, but a lot of smaller brands design their own graphics and have them made by specialized. Like the Isadore suggestion above :slightly_smiling_face:
@G650 thanks, I’ll check them out.


It takes a minimum order (maybe 50?), but Specialized will do custom bottles for you also if you want a custom design.

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