Non plastic bottle recommendation?

I’m curious if anyone can suggest a more healthy bottle to use than the plastic junk that is so prevalent. I realize they are super functional but the amount if riding and hydrating most of us do with plastic is significant and plastics leach lots of chemicals into the fluids we consume. So I’m hoping to find an alternative.
A general discussion about more environmental and health focused nutrition would be great too.

Do you have any reference for this? I read on it a while back and was fairly reassured that the type of plastic used in cycling water bottles was safe for drinking from

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I think bpa free (most brand name cycling bottles) means they are safe to consume from

Was hoping to avoid opening the ‘are plastics actually safe’ question, it seems very open to debate and BPA free does seem to help (and I believe is the standard currently acceptable for food grade plastics).
But please just suppose I’m looking for an alternative regardless, any advice?

Sigg bottles or similar? I think MSR also do food grade ones. You might have to bend the wires of the bottle cage a bit, I don’t think they are the same diameter as standard water bottles.


This is the best option, Abby Mickey @ Cyclingtips had it on her year end list:

I’ve been also looking at some other normal metal bottles for trainer workouts - I think Hydroflasks normal bottle is just under 3’’ in diameter and should fit in a standard sized bidon cage…

  • Then it would have been best to keep to the simple request on bottle alternatives than to include this little controversial spark…

Ok, my bad, sorry.
I do appreciate the recommendations folks, thank you.

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A small German company called Becker used to make cycling specific bottles out of CF. Obviously they’re not squeezy!