Best way to approach return to training after 3 weeks off

Hey all,

New to TR and will be signing up this week as have been doing Sufferfest/Wahoo Systm for many many years and looking to try something new.

Have just come back from a 3 week holiday and looking for recommendations on what plan to jump into and kick start my fitness again and hope that muscle memory kicks in.


I would personally put your events into the calendar and then pick a plan based on those events using plan builder. Low or medium depending on past training volume, potentially a masters plan based on age and ability / desire to do more or slightly less intensity.

If you don’t really have an event you could do something like Masters or General Base to start.


This ^
Plus you can always change your plan anytime.


I just took about three weeks off due to injury. I definitely agree with the above statements.
Another suggestion I would say is the first week or two get back to the frequency you are used to riding with endurance rides. After three weeks off, I didn’t want to push myself too hard mostly due to injury, but also to get my groove back getting up and getting after it.


Welcome to the TR Community!

We love @BCM’s recommendation. Plan Builder is probably the easiest way to get something up on your TR Calendar. You’ll get a full plan built out for you based on the kind of training you’d like to do/events you are preparing for.

Picking a Low Volume plan to start is likely a good idea. You can get a feel for things as you start out, and then adjust your volume down the line if you think that’s necessary.

A Masters Plan might also be a good option if you’re looking to prioritize recovery between your harder sessions.

Hope those suggestions are helpful! I wanted to include links to those features that were mentioned in case you wanted to read up on them. :slight_smile:


Thanks all, will build a plan around my events using the planner and start off low and increase it once im feeling my old self again.

Appreciate the quick responses.

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