Best value Gel?

IMO the vanilla cliff gel takes this prize

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Patently false.

SIS 1-upped themselves again with the citrus-menthol.

I never pass up free food, even gels.

I threw it away after one taste. No question. Inedible.


I’m going to start a new thread so we don’t take this one further astray

Similar here: Maltodextrin + High5 Zero for some taste (and some electrolytes) and on very hot days some extra table salt. Usually don’t add Fructose, but would also be easily possible and cheap.

The advantage is that you can easily put 100g or more Maltodextrin in one bottle or also much less, depending on heat, intensity etc. And it costs a fraction of the gels per gram of carbs.


SiS I’ve used: Cherry = gross, Citrus = OK, Orange = OK, that leaves Tropical and Tutti Fruti. Wish me luck!

I know I said no DIY, but I do appreciate this, I’ll probably end up looking up some DIY recipes…

I used to use Hammer Gel all the time, thanks for the reminder and easy DIY idea!

I do appreciate the thought, I might price this out versus Tailwind. I do use carb bottle mix at times, but I’m a one-bottle mountain biker and gels are so much easier for me on typical rides. Sometimes I just want my liquid to be nothing but water too.

Totally, it’s just that, see above.

Thanks all for the opinions, keep 'em coming. I’ll letcha know how the Carb Boom gels go down.


Ha! I think we all would have said “make your own” if we knew we could break the rules! It’s definitely the way to go.


I know! I have so many things to take care of in life that making another thing feels a bit much, but… the $/gram is insane on packaged carbs. I really like the idea of tweaking the bulk hammer gels.

I used to work for a cycling training company and one of the perks was free GU products. I took full advantage and really miss those days!

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Hilarious. Tropical is the only one I can stomach. The rest make me want to throw up.

Have you tried these? My club ride was handing them out. I was suspect but they ended up being awesome. The added sodium changes the flavour profile, they take up about half as much space as a SIS gel and they’re 2:1 which SIS gels (except for Beta) aren’t.

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What SiS gels do you use? The Lemon-Limes are so light in flavor it would be hard to call it bad. The Raspberry Electrolyte gels are delicious, they taste like a Blue Raspberry Icee.

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A lot of people think the SIS gels taste like medicine

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Are any gels at that 90g carb level that everyone is talking about? Just curious

Am I the only one that likes the espresso SiS gels? especially when they warm up in your jersey pocket?


3x Never2nd as they are 30g each. Otherwise I got nothing except maybe Maurtan Hydro gel 320?but that’s from a bottle…

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Haven’t tried it, but seems like a pretty simple recipe…


Hammer bulk gel is the cheapest, but you get KILLED in Hammer’s shipping costs. Ruins the deal.


Good point. Buy them in store if you can. We actually still have an LBS that sells Hammer. It’s one of hose shops that sells all the off brand bikes.

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Cherry – very intense, tastes like a wild cherry lifesaver, can see why some don’t like it but I like wild cherry lifesavers.

Tutti Frutti – also very intense, but more of a fruity bubblegum type flavor which I don’t like

Apple – Moderate intensity, artificial apple taste, OK

Orange – moderate intensity, artificial orange taste. This one is my favorite

Lemon-Lime – like you said, very little taste. Also OK

Tropical – Nasty. Beats bonking, I suppose.

I haven’t had any other flavors


Might not be for everyone, but I can often get expired/close dated gels at my LBS on clearance. The high5/wiggle stuff does the job too and often goes on sale.

I hate all the SIS gels and I’m willing to die on that hill :grimacing: