Best training program to maintain fitness

Hello everyone,
Thanks to COVID and TR, I have been able to achieve a good level of fitness in 2020 that allows me to enjoy (and not get dropped) from the group rides. I do approximately 500 TSS a week, mixing indoors and outdoors and intervals with lower intensity rides/workouts. Every time I train indoors, it takes me 5-10 minutes to select the TR workout from the huge library. Is there a plan I could use to maintain my fitness and that would select the workouts automatically? I don’t want to improve as much as I want to maintain my fitness.

Yup there is: Chads Maintenance Program - #2 by svens

Thanks, will have a look

How do I select this plan. The plan builder does not work for me and I am not sure in what phase this is?

It’s under specialty and enthusiast.