Best training plan for the Fred Whitton challenge

How did you people doing the Fred yesterday get on. I did it in 7.50, so definitely not sub 7. :rofl:

Had to stop a couple of times for water due to the heat, and I basically started getting cramp in my legs 40 miles in, so that was fun for the rest of the day. But the weather was great and some fantastic views.


My mate Danny pipped you at 7:42 snd he’s a beast, so 7:50 sounds like a good effort. :+1:


8.43 for me, 23rd woman. I feel a bit broken now!


Pottered around super slow, objective was to get around without putting a foot down on the climbs. Not much under 10 hours all in, was feeling rough before Hardknott/Wrynose, huge self-doubt, cleared both in the saddle, delighted!


Awesome stuff. That’s a huge achievement in itself

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Well done.

When I did it, no foot down was my primary goal, second was the time, but I really wanted that no foot down.

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Above average. I was sub 8 hours in 2012 and didn’t train in those days, just had a regular cycle commute. Since I started training I haven’t reached your power to weight ratio.

I did it in 7h 14m. Was quite a pleasant ride until the bottom of Hardknott!

And similar to @Redrose49er I had to get up Hardknott without a foot down. That was the deal I made with myself at the bottom of the climb to ensure I didn’t have to come back to endure that last 20miles again next year…

Now I’m already thinking about entering for next year :person_facepalming::rofl:


Hi guys, well done to anyone to finish FW, it’s absolutely brutal. I did the first cutoff time , went up Whinlatter and descended back with a firm decision to go back home via the Lion and the Lamb route. I am considering hiring a cycling coach to help me achieve this goal of mine to complete the whole course.
I’ve been subscribed to TR since 2017 but haven’t ridden much in last three years due to house move and change in circumstances, however trained very consistently since November 2023, initially base Z2 rides and more recently adding intensity. Previously I’ve overtrained with TR back in 2018 doing too much intensity which was awful and now I’m a bit cautious of self prescribed training and overtraining again.
I know a lot about training now but do you think a cycling coach will be worth it in helping me achieving my goal- raise in FTP, loose weight and ultimately complete Fred Whittington next year.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I had a coach for a couple of years and I did think that it helped. What I found was that the training was actually quite dull - lots of time just progressing time in zone and a decent amount of volume, but it did help. I also learned a lot about how I respond to training which gave me more confidence to move to using a combination of my own ideas (Fred specific technique things like steep climbs and descents!) alongside join to help fill in the gaps.

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Similar to you I started with a plan in TR in October 2023. It was the hill race plan I chose.

There was a lot of intensity but only 3.5 hrs a week, then around march I started to do longer rides and do a lot more hills.

A coach can help you, but to be honest sounds like you just need more time in the saddle.

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@natalieqt I think if you overtrained previously then a coach might be a good idea if you are prepared to trust them (assuming they are a decent coach that knows what they are doing). However, you wouldn’t go far wrong with a TR low volume plan (even the masters versions) plus 1 long (3-4 hour) outdoor ride each week. But again, you have to trust the process and know that more intensity is not the answer.

Having done the route now i am thinking more strength training would have been useful as most if not all of the climbs have some steep low cadence sections which just batter the legs. I wasn’t pushing mega power to get up the climbs, just low cadence grinding as it was a long day. And knowing the descents a bit better (done some of them before but not enough) would also have helped as there are a lot of off camber bends, random potholes, gravel etc.

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I think a lot of us have been there before with the old TR plans as they were pretty rigid and a few of them had some big jumps in them - but these days with AT and RLGL it is a lot harder to put yourself into a hole like that - certainly is an issue I have put behind me. Of course part of that is just experience based, but the tools in TR today are much better for this. Especially RLGL for including off-plan rides.


Absolutely, I did a ride yesterday outdoors after Fred. TR had me down for half an hour of anaerobic 5.9, I went and did 2 hours on the road and it immediately updated my calendar to a red day today. Hoping that is cognisant of me tapering for this weekend’s event but regardless I am still on turbo this evening ignoring T’s advice :wink::person_facepalming::person_facepalming::rofl:

But yes, it is much much better at advising against overtraining and not being so focussed on every session being a smash fest :+1:

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