Best tires for mixed surface riding

Will be vacationing in New Zealand this coming March and taking my travel bike (titanium frame with room for up to 35mm tires). Debating what tires to use? Will be mostly paved roads but depending on our rentals - likely some extended dirt road sections (nothing more than dirt roads). Hope to join some club road rides while I am there - so don’t want to give up too much speed. Will be mounted on ENVE 4.5 AR wheels. Currently ride GP 5000 S TR 28mm on my road rims and have always been very happy.

Candidates I am considering:
GP 5000 S TR 32mm
Schwalbe Pro One TLE 34mm
GP 5000 All-season AR 35mm

Assume the GP 5000 S TR @ 32s would behave very similar to what I am use to with my 28s. What are people’s experience with the Schwalbe 34s and All-season 35s? Do I need to go that wide for dirt roads?


For the extra protection I’m running the GP5K All Season TR in 32mm on Tarmac, and 35mm on gravel/travel bike. The AS TR are still fast tires, and you don’t give up much rolling resistance. My gravel bike is fairly new, and on the Tarmac I’ve ridden plenty of dirt roads on a bunch of different 30/32mm tires (Vittoria N.EXT, Specialized Terra Mondo, GP5K with tubes, Pirelli Cinturato, Specialized Roubaix Pro 30/32, Pirelli Zero Race 30). I didn’t have good experiences with Schwalbe tubeless Pro Ones in 26. Personally I’d go with the GP5K AS TR in 32mm for the added protection.

I’ve had to slow down on (steeper) descents with lots of small rocks - thats when people on 42c or larger tires blow by me.

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I’ve been analyzing tires for some half road / half gravel events I’ll be doing. I’ve settled on the Specialized Pathfinder Pros. They have a smooth center section.

The 35mm S-Works Mondo T2/T5 also look interesting if the gravel is relatively smooth. It rates pretty highly on puncture resistance (BRR).

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have you tried the Pathfinders in 700x32? Tthe constraint given was max tire of 35mm to fit his travel bike’s frame.

No, I’ve got 38s.

I’m a big fan of the Vittoria Rubino Pros for road and some gravel. Even used them in Roubaix and Flanders on the cobbles and they did great.

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I’ve ridden this tire quite a bit on dirt roads and have been happy with it. Like mentioned above, the main placed where I miss a wider tire is on descents.

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and sidewall protection from rocks on descents, the S TR sidewalls are a little fragile IMHO.

NZ chipseal is atrocious so the widest you can fit :sweat:

I run 38 pathfinders on my gravel bike and I’ve never noticed that being too small/lacking grip for the gravel roads in NZ, but will vary depending on where you are?

Whereabouts are you planning on going?

I am always a fan of Veloflex Corsa Evo not only are they beautiful in tan wall but also more supple, lighter and according to bicycle rolling resistance have better puncture protection than most other high end tires. Another option Vittoria Corsa Pro Control

Terra Speed 35?