Gravel Slicks -- What are you running?

I’m looking to try something new. Need a fast gravel slick that works well for 70/30 (Road:Gravel)

Currently running Schwalbe G-One 35c and they are about done. Looking for another 32-35c tire. Ruling out ReneHerse because they are too expensive.

Current short list:

  1. Specialized Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready (30/32)
  2. Vittoria Terreno Zero 2.0G
  3. Panaracer GravelKing Plus TLC

WTB Byway is another option. Although that might be better for 30/70 road/gravel.

It has a good balance of slick center tread, with more texture on the tread as you go towards the outside, and pretty sizable side knobs that help with grip when cornering in gravel.


I run the Roubaix Pro that you mentioned. Set up tubeless on my ‘19 Cannondale Synapse. Though these may as well be road tires with the lack of tread, for me the are great for bad roads, gravel levees, some occasional singletrack, and good ol’ tarmac.
On wide rims these will puff out to 35 pretty easily.

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The Terreno Zero would be a good choice for the 70/30 split you described. Rolls well on the road and is OK on mild gravel. Not great traction on steep climbs of you need to stand or when it gets too technical.

I’ve been using the panaracer smooth tires in 32mm and they’ve been almost as quick as the RH tires I used to ride, but a much better value for me since the RH tires are so expensive in Canada. Most of the gravel I ride is hard-packed with very little in the way of stones unless they’ve put fresh gravel down, but that only lasts a few weeks at best. I don’t really think there’s much besides width that helps on deep sections of fresh gravel.

Can I ask why you are ruling out another set of G-Ones? unless it’s the wear rate? apart from that its a cracking, fast rolling tyre.


Currently running GravelKings, but 48x650b. They are really nice, I dont feel slow on them at all.

I know the challenge strada biancas in 36 are supposed to be pretty quick.

Maxxis Re-fuse👌

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I have a set of these. Don’t really feel much faster than my 38 & 43 Gravel King SK’s oddly. Also, only took them through some rough stuff a couple times and they have a bunch of micro cuts.

Tom Anhalt does a lot of rolling resistance testing and is a great resource (along with He posted some numbers a little while back on some of the tires he had tested. It was interesting to look through as some tires that look fast are slower than you might expect


Strada bianchas are 8 watts faster for the pair Tom A’s blog above. But as you mention the gravel king sk’s are much more robust. I’d be interested to know where the gravel king slicks fit in. I had a set of 32’s that held up pretty well despite rolling them over some tough terrain

I’m pretty happy with the 40mm Maxxis Re-fuse. They’re great unless the gravel is really small. They were a bit sketchy in the Ozarks. They’re great in our normal gravel in central Illinois.