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This year in July I started training on my race bike again after two years of non training. My goal is getting in shape and well conditioned. I recently bought the wahoo indoor trainer Kickr Core. which program suits me best?

If you don’t have a specific event that you’re training for then use plan builder to set up a basic, and kind of generic, progression through base, build and specialty. By doing this with plan builder, if you do decide to add an event, you can put it on the calendar and plan builder will tweak and adjust for that. If you just pick a plan, you’re locked in and any changes would need to be made manually.

Plan builder is great, even if you have nothing specific to train for.

Any plan will suffice if your only goal is to become fitter and well conditioned.

If you have more specific goals in mind, it would help to know them.

Sweet Spot Base 1

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