What cycling sites and podcasts do you go to for analysis? [Industry Info, Races, etc.]

Totally hyped by Sagan’s epic win just now, I’m looking forward very much to Lance Armstrong’s podcast “The Move” later today/tomorrow.

I was wondering what other good news sites, blogs and podcasts were with good analysis of current races, industry trends, and so on?

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Regarding race analytics: GCN’s The Breakaway and Lanterne Rouge’s podcast / YouTube videos are my go-to resources.


I am a huge fan of CyclingTips. Good journalism. Race news. Tech reviews. I like the product so much that I subscribe for $ to help keep them in business.


Personally only Lanterne Rouge’s Cycling Podcast other than following a bunch of “cycling experts” on Twitter.

Who would those be?

My main ones are:

  • Cyclingtips - probably my favorite cycling podcast period - I pay for Veloclub, so that says something
  • The Cycling Podcast - Great hosts, and a wide variety in topics among their 4 different podcasts. Also doing daily podcasts for the Giro and classics
  • The Move - It’s fine, but I much prefer Johan Brunyeel over Lance/George
  • Watts Occurring - Luke Rowe and Geraint Thomas’s podcast - not daily recaps per se, but it’s interesting to get their perspective from inside the peloton
  • Inrng - probably one of the most knowledgeable guys out there when it comes to cycling. His articles tend to have slightly different topics than the other sites, and provide some really interesting insights.

For Video

  • The breakaway - solid daily analysis
  • World of cycling - well put together weekly show

Various race info, mainly impartial:

The rest (some more opinion based, others not too focused on racing but on cycling in general):

The hosts of the Lanterne Rouge Podcast:

I’m sure there are more, if anyone knows please mention them.

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