Best places to stay in Minneapolis, MN Area for Cycling & Trail Access

Hoping to get some advice from local Minnesotans.

I will be visiting the Twin Cities area this summer and wondering if you have any suggestions where to stay in regards to Trail Access. I’ve ridden most of the MORC trails. Monarch (which is near In-laws), Murphy & Lebanon are my go-to trails. Bertram is probably my favorite but far away.

In the middle is Brooklyn Center (about 30 min from everything). Savage is near the two trail I frequent. Not many hotels out west near Victoria where the in-laws are. Have kids so would prefer a safe area. VRBO rentals on lake Minnetonka are nice but out of the budget. :rofl:

Any suggestions of place to stay… and avoid?

Your kids would enjoy the wolf lodge which is right next to the airport and moa, and is a safe area. It is pretty close to Lebanon, Murphy, Carver lake, and battle creek trails.

Eagan is a nice area right next to savage, as are Farmington and Lakeville. I’d stay away from staying in Burnsville, personally.

Also to note: right in that area by Lebanon and Murphy they do xc races just about every Thursday night at buck hill.

The only other recommendation I have is if you have the chance to check out cuyuna, although it’s about a 2 hour hike from those areas the trails are amazing if you like Lebanon and Murphy, it’s like those but longer and better.

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Agree with everything here. Staying close to MOA would have lots of good hotel options, and I’d recommend that over Brooklyn Center. Apple Valley is probably another similar option, just a little farther from the Twin Cities center. Eden Prairie would be a good option if you wanted to go a little further west, closer to Monarch and Victoria.

The Buck Hill Thursday races are great, too. It’s a ski area, so the race is mostly up then down. The trails are old school XC, imo, definitely not as fun or flowy as Leb, but they get good turnout and they’re a solid race workout.


Thank you @alexstenerson & @kstiegler. This is a big help!

Eagan looks good as I could literally ride right to the tails form the hotel, not to mention not far from the Zoo and Valley Fair (things for the kids to do). Will definitively plan to do a Thursday night race at Buck Hill!

Been to Cuyuna a couple of years ago. Fantastic place and an example of how MTB can bring in tourism! What they have done with the trail system there should be the a model for outdoor recreation planning everywhere.

Thanks again!

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Here is the link for the buck hill races. There isn’t a lot of info yet, but they will update soon I’m sure.

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