Tucson info, where to stay

Thinking about getting an air b&b in Tucson this winter to do some training. Anyone have some suggestions on what part of town i should be looking at for a place to stay to do “rides from the house”, but also be convenient for off the bike fun (restaurants and such)


Hotel McCoy.
A refurbished roadside motel. Very hip feel, easy in-out, bike friendly and world’s longest oatmeal bar for breakfast. When we were there, some company was running cycling spring-training camps right out of the hotel

This is based on our stay there in February 2020, right before COVID hit

Hotel McCoy - Art, Coffee, Beer, Wine
(844) 782-9622

My suggestion would be anywhere near Tucson’s famous Loop. Just miles of segregated bike lanes across the city. So amazing.

You are pretty close to everything when you stay in Tucson. As stated above, you can hop on the Loop and that will take you anywhere. I would advise staying away from South Tucson… Two must do rides are Mount Lemmon (bring an extra bottle because they shut off the water at the pull off when it gets too cold) and the Shoot out. The main ride is fast, really fast, especially in the winter when pros come out. The “old man” Shoot out is still fun and leaves 15 minutes prior. Have fun and I miss riding in Tucson.

Central Tucson is actually pretty convenient for some of the good rides in town, namely Gates Pass, plus the Shootout leaves from the University area nearby. If you’re looking for cultural offerings, I’d look for a place near the university / 4th ave area or south of downtown in the barrio viejo or armory park areas. Really anywhere in a few mile radius of the university will be fine. Note that these aren’t generally luxurious areas, but are authentically Tucson. If you’re there purely for cycling, like more suburban and new-build accommodations, and aren’t too interested in being close to bars/restaurants/etc you may prefer to stay in/near Starr Pass west of town or in the foothills of the Catalinas.

Most year-round group rides leave from near the University, with the exception of the roundup (leaves from Ina and Oracle, so not that far from downtown either). I’d pick something near there, because that also gets you to the loop fast and has easy access to night life (downtown–Congress, Rialto, Fox, convention center, bars/restaurants, etc.). It also puts you close to the freeway if you want to get out of town (Mt. Graham, etc.).

I live on the east side right off the loop. Also good–great access to the mountain and some other fun foothills climbs, but a lot quieter at night (pros and cons) and it’s a trek to get to the bigger group rides early in the a.m., and a pain to get to the freeway. Can you tell I can’t wait to move back downtown?

What is the “loop?”

I’m tagging along with my wife and some of her co-workers who are going for a conference in March. Staying at Westin La Paloma and the aforementioned Hotel McCoy.

It’s a bike path that circumnavigates the city. It runs along the several washes crossing the city. You’ll be close to the loop at both of the places you mentioned.

Map here: ArcGIS Web Application

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It’s a means to access good riding, but is not a destination in itself imo.

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Counterpoint: long zone 2 rides :slight_smile:

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Went to Tucson last Feb/Mar for a week of cycling with two friends. We stayed here…

A bit expensive but we split it 3 ways and each had our own bedroom. Its 3 miles from the bottom of Mount Lemmon and easy access to all the rides around Lemmon. It is a few miles from the Loop on traffic busy streets but we never had any issues with drivers.

Fair. Don’t mean to take a shot at the loop, it’s definitely a great thing to have.

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This is great info, thanks everyone