Best Phone App for Maps + Bluetooth for Outdoor Riding

I know this is old news but I realized that Stava doesn’t offer bluetooth connectivity for my HR, Speed and Cadence sensors ( I have a Bontrager DuoTrap since it integrates into my Trek.)

Indoors this isn’t a problem but outdoors I want to plan my routes out and get directions / mapping data on my phone along with sensor metrics.

Just wondering which apps most folks are using?

I was thinking about ride with GPS, but the custom map feature with turn by turn is about $80 a year.

The Wahoo app is free and works with the sensors but doesn’t seem to have routes /maps.

Any other apps that do both maps and bluetooth sensors?

A cycle computer is in my future eventually, but for now my phone more than works for shorter rides.

I use Cyclemeter to track my rides - GPS plus Bluetooth sensors. It also has map functionality, but not turn by turn directions. I think it’s $20 per year.

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Thanks. I’ll check it.

Think you can do that with basic at $50/year, but it does add up. I started with RideWithGPS and Cyclemeter, and preferred RWGPS. I’ve got a free RWGPS account and can create routes.

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I can create routs with RWGPS, but to get turn-by-turn or offline maps you need a premium account. FWIW I could just go month to month and cancel in the winter. My other option is to just navigate to the starting point for my cloud routes.