Ride with GPS app

I’m contemplating swapping from Strava to Ride with gps. Primarily for the route planning purposes. Is it better then Strava?

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The free version is similar for building routes, probably a little better. The paid version is much better than strava, has a lot of tools that make building and combining routes much better. You can put multiple route on a map at one time and trace certain parts, super handy for creating/modifying new routes from old ones.


To get full functionality, using a desktop is the way to go


I like RWGPS for all the custom queues you can add (easiest on desktop). I did a century last week and loaded in when to eat so my gps beeped at me and reminded me to eat. Not always necessary, but helpful in hours 4 and beyond :crazy_face:


Finding good routes is much better in rwgps personally by doing a quick search. Most have cues if that matters to you as well.

So I assume this means signing up for the premium service. $10 a month seems a little steep.

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Thanks guys

For raw route planning I think RWGPS having Street view integration is better. It’s my default choice for route planning (but I use the free version). Strava does have the popularity routing and auto route generating which are good features (although I think you can do similar for free in Garmin Connect), I’m not sure if RWGPS premium has similar.

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My favoured online route planning site, bikehike.co.uk, recently suffered a licensing/API problem so I tried RWGPS (the free version) as I have an account and needed to plot some routes for a recent holiday in Scotland.

Pretty impressed TBH. There’s a recent review over on bikepacking.com and I think the comments there are pretty fair. Like a lot of route planning sites they use OSM mapping but unlike many they pull in updates on a regular basis so if you find something wrong it’s (relatively) easy to sort out by editing the base maps. I did this after our holiday where forestry access tracks were incorrectly classified as being pavement rather than “gravel”.

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Strava routing improved recently. I still prefer RWGPS.

Another advantage of paid RWGPS is the offline maps. A lot easier to search those maps when you are out of cell coverage. It’s not something I use often, but it’s nice to have if you want/need it.

The other route planning app I will use is Koomot. There is no monthly fee for it, but you do have to pay to “unlock” regions but I believe they give you 1 region for free. Koomot is my go to though for planning routes on my phone.

I create routes on desktop with rwgps, but pay nothing. The main benefit is it includes the route queues that you don’t get with Strava. For my Elemnt those are needed to get turn by turn navigation. Maybe not as important if you have a newer computer.

The free version of RWGPS ahs gotten me around two, week long tours of eastern european countries and various weekend rides in unknown territory (on the desktop, then transferred to garmin). Cant knock it.