Best gummy bear delivery system?

I’m trying to pivot away from sports nutrition, mostly because of cost but also because single-use plastics is so unavoidable.

Anyone find a good way to store/carry a few servings of gummy bears for rides that I can eat on the fly, and later refill from the 5 lb bag at home?

Maybe top tube bag?

I’ve had them in ziplock bag in my back pocket and it’s not easy to get them out


Interested because I love haribo for ride fuel.

I will add that the haribo berry clouds are better for riding imo because they’re larger and a bit softer - 4 of them are 100cal and it’s much easier to handle them then a dozen little bears.

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I’ve been looking at Stasher pocket bags for this purpose, but I haven’t actually gotten around to getting some and trying them yet:

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Straight in the jersey pocket!


Electrolyte tab tube


You’ll need about 50 tubes :joy:


I get compostable sandwich bags to carry my Albanese.
Just be aware of the type of gummies you get. Once I packed Haribo Twin Snakes for nutrition during a triathlon. The sour mixture didn’t go down so easily.

Now that’s the way to eat gummy bears! 500 at a time!


Reusable silicone style ziploc bag (unlimited uses) and I get the biggest bag of sour gummy worms, sour patch kids, or sweet and sour shakes I can find. It’s a bit longer than my top tube bag but I can cram it in and reach all the gummies without issue.

Then I wash, dry, and terracycle the package. Keeps the waste to a minimum.

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Becomes a big sticky glob if it’s hot out, and sticks to fabric and that attracts dirt/dust. I’ve eaten a lot of crunchy gummy bears using this tactic.

Some type of soft rubber container you could squeeze open and shake directly into mouth would be cool though. If you have them in any kind of bag in a back pocket they’re hard to get to, imho.

Top tube bag would be a good solution as well. According to thee-who-shant-be-named youtube star, it could even save you a few watts.

I use these for sugar. They’re very durable. None of mine have torn or degraded with frequent use for maybe 3 years. I’ve lost one.

The sugar pours out without a mess, but I’m not sure gummy bears, jelly babies, or any potentially sticky penny sweets would fall out so nicely, and the opening isn’t very big. Maybe Swedish Fish or Jelly Beans would pour nicely into one’s gaping maw at speed.

I successfully use ziplock bags in my jersey pockets for carrying around Dare Real Fruit chews which are really nice in consistency and lack of aftertaste. Only once, I pulled from my pocket and the bottom had broken, spilling all my calories onto a sandy area in front of beach drinking fountain :frowning:.

I also have small ziplocks which each hold 9 gummies, which I use running.

I do sour patch watermelon quite a bit, find them much easier to chew vs. Haribo and the slight sour works better for me than the pure sweet taste. The watermelons don’t have as much bite/sour taste as the regular sour patch kids. Also, the coating keeps them from sticking to stuff, even in the Texas heat. I’ll put them in an open zip lock bag in my top tube bag on my gravel bike, pretty easy to access as long as it’s not a constantly technical/intense race.


A hack I have used to help stickyness - put a little sugar in your container. Helps coat the gummies and keeps them from sticking together. Just a bit is needed. Super hack, can use some salt too for extra sodium.


All these decades of cycling innovation and we still don’t have an aero beer helmet for dispensing gummy bears.

ziplock in a top tube bag Is the best solution I’ve found- fits a good amount, easy to see/grab the amount you want, and you can make yourself a fun little pick and mix. doubles as a garbage bag if needed.


Slight tangent on this topic, but every time I go on a cycling trip with the boys, I buy a 5lbs bag of gummies to distribute for the riding. It’s become a nice tradition.


Can confirm this is the way. We use Stashers for FuelRodz and have been for over a year; they’re fantastic.


I use the snack-sized ziploc bags for dates and just reuse them multiple times until generally they are accidentally thrown away. The Stasher bags look interesting, but I like to be able to reach into my back pocket and grab a date on the go, and I don’t know if the Stasher would stay open for this. Even ziplocs sometimes are hard to grab from when they’re starting to get empty.

The downside to the reusable bags is they make your food taste like the material. At least for the week or two I tried to use one before I got rid of it.