Best gummy bear delivery system?

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Oh, that would be a definite negative for me then. I think I’ll stick with my ziplocs. I figure if I reuse them a bunch it cuts down significantly on the waste.

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I’ve been chasing this dream for months… I can’t find anything that beats calorie mix in the bottle or a bar I can rip open and stash the wrapper back into my tt bag or jersey pocket. Following.

This is a good idea, maybe put them in an open ziplock in a TT bag and you can just unzip and grab a handful occasionally? The only reason I wouldn’t put them directly in a TT bag is because they’d probably be a mess to clean up after your ride.

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My experience is different. I LOVE the sourness of the Twin Snakes on a century rides. The flavor kind of wakes me up. Then again, I can eat lemons and limes without issue.


This, fuzzy lint and all. :metal:

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Oh, and gummy worms for win. I find them softer and quicker to eat. Plus they’re like 100 grams for 3. I also like the slurping sound I make when I eat them as it grosses my riding mates out. Win win win.

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a small backpack with the whole 5 lb pound


You could try making some sort of pouch out of wax wraps (waxed fabric). That would be most sustainable, I think. Also the wax wrap is relatively rigid, so might stay open enough to reach in easily. Not sure if it’d work in warm weather though, it might become too soft.

Ideally you’d have some sort of pocket lining the you can velcro into the pocket and take out for washing.

To be honest, I just buy normal 200g packs of sweets, and use them. I think it’s still a lot less waste than gels or snack-sized packs.

Silicone reusable bags don’t have this problem in my experience

100 grams or 100 calories?

I use a top tube bag and have my gummy worms in a ziplock. Pretty easy to open and close. Some people don’t like top tube bags but I always choose comfort over aesthetics. It’s so much easier to just grab food out of your top tube bag compared to having nutrition in your jersey.

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Another top tube bag with re-seal plastic bags. The convenience beats jersey pockets for regular access and I “restock” the TT bag with a new plastic bag once I burn thru them (stashed in the jersey pocket for reuse later. I can usually fit two snack bags in the TT back so it is a one-shot setup for most of my 2 hour rides before reloading.

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I was mistaking grams for calories, you are right. It’s 9 gummy worms for ~100 grams.


A friend made this product: Pocket Musette – Doma Cycle which is designed for exactly this.

Its’s a lightweight food safe silicone pouch that’s meant to insert in your cycling jersey pocket.


That looks really nice. Well done to your mate.

People will say it’s expensive, because it is. Maybe that can’t be helped with low volume, recouping costs, etc. I’d still get it if I was a pocket feeder, it’d be worth it.

Buy some M&M minis in the tube




This thread is sort of comical, but the struggle is real. I have not found ziplock bags to work well. The two flaps want to stay closed and makes it a decidedly two-handed operation.

I’ve been cutting the upper half of the (absurdly large) 4 oz. haribo bags using a scissors and putting in the back pocket. Works OK. Definitely best with worms. If it’s cold out I’ll just throw the bears/worms in the pocket bare.

However, this strategy of using the default packaging failed horribly in a race using a top tube bag where I had a bugger of a time getting the bears out of the plastic wrapping. The plastic sort of pasted/folded to the side of the TT bag and I could not get my hands inside to reach the sugary sweetness. This mini-tube looks like a solid upgrade with a single-handed operation.

It’s the same as the electrolyte tubes I recommended, and therefore has the same downside mentioned to me above…if you eat 100 gummy bears on a ride, you’re going to need 10 of them.

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