Best exercise bike for interactive scenic rides?

Looking into purchasing an exercise bike and Im wondering if anyone has any thoughts on which one offers the best scenic ride experience? I have read that the nordictrack s22i has a good scenic ride experience but the bike is prone to problems. Are there other good options?

Which service you mean? You’re looking of a turnkey solution so you don’t need to download apps and install OR are you OK getting an Ipad/tablet/computer type service, where you need to set a few things up?

Are you looking for actual video of an insane amount of places or a curated list of nice things?

On the “one-package” solution… I’m not sure. You’re at $2k + monthly.

On the piece it together…
Bike - a lot of spin bikes have a “Watts” display. This is really hard to shop for because you need one that broadcasts that number. , but might be easier to find one used ($400 - $1100) than new. You probably want one with a Stages left crank arm power meter… this will have a box on the left crankarm that collects the metrics (or this model ). This will send out a data stream to your tablet/computer/etc. You probably want a bluetooth one vs an “ANT+” (only) one as the bluetooth signal works with everything. Heres a start:
Plan B on the spin bike… use any spin bike ( eg ) with Power Meter Pedals ($500 for the ones you should go for… ). $500 is a lot, but it you buy brand name things, they’ll resell pretty easily for top dollar and the pedals can be used outdoors on a real bike.
App - maybe look at the following:
I think all three of these use Google maps for scenery with actual video for special places. They’ll use the data stream from the bike to pace the app -

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Welcome Tim.

IMHO, getting a specific stationary bike for the scenic ride video probably not the best way to go about it.

FWIW you can get a scenic ride experience with a laptop or TV and youtube - example:

Also, apps like Rouvy can simulate riding real-world roads

If you already have a bike, you can add a smart trainer and get a good indoor riding experience, just add the TV or tablet/ laptop and some apps.

If you want to get a nice stationary bike, I’d look at the actual performance, features and reliability first. If you have the money to spend, something like a Wahoo Kickr Bike, Stages Cycling Smart Bike, Wattbike Atom or maybe even a Peleton might be worth looking into -

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For a scenic ride, the bike doesn’t matter. Just where it is. :wink:


I was helping my brother-in-law over the weekend, and started this thread:

He was interested in the NordicTrack S22i, there are some good reviews on YouTube including one from “a Peloton guy” that liked the scenic rides but not the seat:

After the first year the iFit subscription for continued access to scenic rides and all the other workouts is $470/year or $39.17/month. They offer discounts if you renew for 2 years (25% off) or 3 years (30% off). Overall the S22i looks like a decent option except for the cost of the subscription. If you let the subscription lapse you are left with a limited number of workouts and of course manual mode. It doesn’t officially support using with 3rd party apps like Zwift or Road Grand Tours, but apparently its possible to side-load apps. The renewal price of iFit makes Peloton bike look more interesting.

For half the price the Schwinn IC4 / Bowflex C6 look interesting. And they support 3rd party apps that cost $10-$15/month. I didn’t have time to watch/read any reviews on it.

A lot of tradeoffs, if it was me and trying to optimize cost/quality tradeoffs then the Stages Bike with 3rd party app looks interesting. A step up in cost are the Tacx and Wahoo bikes.


Thanks, I didnt know those options existed

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Checkout the YouTube reviews on Schwinn IC4 / Bowflex C6. The only knock on it was the resistance unit is possibly a little weak if you are big and strong.

For someone that already has a bike, and you are the only one using it, I’d really look at getting a wheel-off trainer and then pairing with an app like Road Grand Tours or BKool or FulGaz. It does take a little more time to setup.